TWW Daily Feed for February 25, 2010

The Winter Olympics has suddenly morphed from triumphant moments to heartbreaking turns of fate that have brought some of the world’s best athletes to tears. There was the Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer who, on his coach’s command during the race, crossed to the inside lane on a turn and in doing so crossed over into the wrong lane, resulting in a disqualification from what was a gold medal winning race. And then there was our girl Julia Mancuso, who was slated to start behind Lindsey Vonn on the Giant Slalom. Mancuso was the gold medalist in the 2006 event in Torino and hoped to repeat in Vancouver. A hope that quickly disintegrated as Vonn crashed and Mancuso was stopped on course. She got the chance to run again, but by that time the course had degraded and softened and she finished more than a second back from the leader. Moments like Mancuso’s and Kramer’s are heartbreaking examples of the capriciousness of sport. But for an event as choreographed as the Winter Olympics, its moments like this that make the games compelling, and keep us coming back to the sports and their stars. The Feed:


I’ve hated the Hummer trucks since they first hit US roads, so while I feel bad for the workers that are going to lose their jobs, good riddance to the most ridiculous example of America’s fascination with inefficient, CO2 factory, ugly ass SUVs.

It has been a stressful week for myself and for a lot of my friends. If your day isn’t going as well as you hoped and you need a little break to remind you why we all toil at jobs many of us don’t like, check out this Grand Canyon video at the Adventure Life site. Turn it on, turn up the music, and relax for a few minutes.


A long winded and dense, but interesting, piece on the Portland City Council’s efforts to increase the cycling infrastructure in the city in the hope of increasing the “trip” percentage of cyclists into the city to 25%. Portland has been incredibly progressive in integrated bikes into the urban transportation scheme, and this article takes a good look at the inner-workings at how the city approaches their urban planning.

Avalanche danger is high in the mountains, so be careful if you are heading into the backcountry. This piece, dug up by our buddy Jake, is a good look at how even well planned and cautious skiing in the backcountry can end in potential tragedy.

I keep hearing how awesome fuel cells are going to be for the future of our energy production needs, yet I have no idea how a fuel cell actually works. This NYTs piece details the technology while providing a glimpse into what has been, until now, an under the radar fuel cell company that is poised to start making some waves.

It’s nasty down here on the Front Range, so Kayne’s “Coldest Winter” song seems somewhat appropriate. This is a pretty surreal/strange video. But contains no random rants from Kayne.


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