TWW Daily Feed for February 24, 2010

Lemon ginger tea at Shuga's.

Running short on time this morning. Long nights make early mornings brutal and rushed. Thankfully yesterday I took a quick trip to Shuga’s for some of their revitalizing hot lemon ginger tea. If anyone can faithfully reproduce this nectar of the Gods I will purchase some sort of expensive ski or snowboard equipment piece for you. From The Clymb or Steep and Cheap. Hope everyone is having a good week. The Feed:


I’m not much for religion lately and honestly it freaks me out a lot that Americans seem so intent on basing their life decisions on concepts from a book written 2000 years ago. Take for instance this story, about a man’s efforts to rename Mt. Diablo in California because, as he puts it, the devil is “a living person.” To each their own, but if you want to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, try volunteering at a soup kitchen or start organizing food and clothing drives.

Times are rough and if you’re like us you are always looking for good deals. Especially in the mountains where the cost of everything shoots up. Casey calls it the “mountain tax.” For example, the “five dollar foot long” Subway deal turns into the “six dollar foot long” once you breach the central mountains of Colorado. Anyway, Outside has a good little guide to some of the most economical ski resorts in the country. Check it out, hit the mountains, save your money for the regular priced foot longs.

US Downhill Skier Ted Ligety’s workout regime. I love how he talks about how he is constantly trying to gain weight. Based on his ideal dimensions for a downhill skier, I should be on the podium in Vancouver. I’ve got gravity coach, put me in!


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