TWW Daily Feed for February 22, 2010

Clint's, on Main Street in Breckenridge, CO

Winter has finally come to Colorado. For the first time in weeks the term “powder day” was actually uttered by people in Our efforts to reach the snow were hampered by the closing of Vail Pass for a slide cleanup and emergency avalanche control, diverting us to Breckenridge along with the rest of the Front Range weekend crowd. Needless to say our powder expedition turned into an exercise in avoiding huge crowds. But you can’t go wrong hanging out with friends on a gorgeous day, and we were able to check out a cafe/bakery that was new to us: Clint’s (131 S Main St., Breckenridge, CO). Their food was great but, as Casey found out, their coffee left much to be desired. Hope everyone had a more powder intensive weekend (with better coffee). The Feed:


National Geographic Adventure is apparently back up and running in completely online mode (thanks for F’ing me on my subscription!) which is nice because they usually put out some pretty good articles and fitness tips. Take this one for instance: six exercises to improve your skiing, Bode Miller style. Nothing in here about fashioning a bong out of apples, but you can’t ask for everything.

I’ve been hearing a lot of conflicting feelings regarding the Obama administration’s efforts at environmental protection and improvement, which was one of the foundations of his candidacy. However, I’m encouraged. The administration just put out a new proposal for designating 14 new National Monuments and they are in the process of ramming through a Great Lakes cleanup and protection package. Much better news than the government arguing that drilling in wilderness areas is a great idea.

Casey examining our potential line down the Windows, in Breckenridge.Colorado.

This chart is crazy. It tracks obesity levels in the United States over the past 20 years (scroll down a bit to see the map). Frankly it’s depressing that our country can’t figure out that fast food and no exercise is a bad combination.


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