TWW Daily Feed for February 19, 2010

Snow on the ground down on the Front Range and word on the street that the mountains are getting dumped on; it’s going to be a good weekend. The other reason it’s going to be a good weekend; no more male Olympic figure skating. Can we seriously justify this as an athletic event when the athletes wear outfits like this and commentators say things like “he is trying to overcome his inability to stick a landing by shaking his hips and flirting with the judges.” Johnny Weir is to athletes as Kevin Smith is to people who fit in airplane seats. The Feed:

I’m remote posting from Boulder where it is incredibly cold and dreary out. Thankfully I have a cup of coffee to perk me up. We’re planning on running the Boulder foothills this afternoon. They don’t look welcoming: image


The Men’s Journal Perfect Weekend, with activities in Leadville and Texas to get you excited for the weekend. The hot springs at Mt. Princeton, Colorado are truly some of the coolest in the State, if not the West. It’s a great place to spend the first weekend trip together with a new love interest. Or just  your buddies. Because bathing in hot springs together is super hetero.

Check out The Clymb. It’s a “private” gear site that looks like it has some pretty stellar deals. The Mountainsmith event starts on Monday with 70% discounts on some of their gear. Pretty cool. Head over to this Men’s Journal link which allows you to register via the MJ portal and avoid paying any registration fees. You’re welcome.

I’ve never had any desire to dope myself in order to improve my cycling or running, but now I know how to do it. Inserting the equivalent of a grain of rice into my uretha sounds like possible the worst thing I could think of spending a weekend evening doing, but anything for an extra ten seconds on my mile!

This is a cool environmental story: California, Oregon and various other interested parties have reached an agreement to remove four damns on the Klamath River. Good news for fishers, rafters and beavers. Bad news for drunk kids on jet skis.

An interview with George Hincapie, one of my favorite cyclists and an all around good dude. At least from what I hear. He also married a podium girl. Awesome.


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