TWW Daily Feed for February 17, 2010

I’m officially stoked for the Flying Tomato. To me, Shaun White seems like he is having a blast with life.  Just watching the dude gets me excited for the day. You have to love a kid that is always laughing, always having a good time and always throwing down the most innovative tricks on the course. So far my Olympic viewing has centered around the awfulness that is figure skating. Time to put Johnny Weir and his hot pink tassles behind us. Bring on the Tomato! The Feed:


Two of my unicorns together in one article! Lindsey, Julia. I can’t tell who I love more. I think I’m leaning towards Julia; any woman that surfs in Hawaii to prepare for the Olympics is okay in my book.

Snowboarders modeling the latest fashion trends. This is by far one of the more ridiculous things I’ve seen today, apart from the video below.

To end the day I’m going to throw up some a good video of some back country skiing in the Vail Pass area. The production values are low, the main characters are somewhat suspect, but the scenery is nice and it has a nice utilization of Google Earth. Enjoy (if possible):


Possibly one of my bigger regrets this year is not making it out to the Olympics in Vancouver. It is truly one of the best cities in the world; great outdoor access, food and scenery that leaves you with a sense of awe. We can’t be there, but we can enjoy the pictures of the Games, and plan our next trip.

It’s a Shaun White day so it makes sense that we throw some Shaun White stuff up. Coincidentally he just did a sit down with Playboy magazine, where he spills his guts on how to clean the ribbon of an Olympic medal. Head over here to check out the interview at the Playboy site, and don’t worry; there is sadly no nudity in sight.

A great look at the Mavericks surf competition and the latest controversy regarding whether spectators should be allowed to watch the big wave contest there. The issue arose because during last week’s competition a wave surge blew past the seawall and took out some spectators, breaking some bones and scraping some knees. As one of the surfers put it, in reference to the water breaking over the jetty; “it was totally predictable.” It would be a shame to limit what is otherwise a fun event because people don’t realize that waves, especially the 40 foot ones at Mavericks, can overtake man’s efforts to contain them.

And to start off Shaun White day with a little bit of absurdist Bond parody, check out the video below. It’s kind of long, but funny and a great example of why Shaun White is the favorite in any competition he enters:


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