TWW Daily Feed for February 16, 2010

I spent last night at the bar watching four consecutive hours of figure skating. Not because I enjoy figure skating in any way, but because one of our regulars is obsessed with small girls in tights spinning around the ice rink. I’m pretty sure he’s not on a sexual offender list, but I’m definitely rethinking my policy of helping people indulge in their weird obsessions. The Feed:


A great interview with Garmin-Transitions team leader Christian Van Velde, which I found through, suprise suprise, Lance’s Twitter page. I’m guessing it’s because Van Velde had some good things to say about Lance, but the rest of the interview is a good look at a high level competitor’s mindset and training ideas.

I don’t really know who Stephanie Gilmore is, but apparently she’s a surfer, and a good looking (and talented) one, so looking at these pictures isn’t too hard on the eyes. The longer this damn winter holds on the more I’m going to stare at blond women on surfboards to keep me sane.

A pretty interesting chart looking at the market segments for organic foods and how organic foods come at a much higher premium than non-organic food items. Basically; the chart shows that organic food is profitable and ridiculously marked up. Good for rich yuppies and Whole Foods, bad for low income people that are sick of pesticides on their fruits and vegetables but can’t afford much else. Thanks organic foods industry for helping ensure that only the wealthy don’t need the health insurance that only they can afford.

And, as I’ve been reminded repeatedly by a sultry little vixen, today is Mardi Gras. WOOOOOO!!!!! To celebrate, turn up your speakers, sit back, and enjoy the most awkward white guy you can imagine getting crazy on his Mardi Gras keyboard.

11:30am (consistency is my middle name)

It was freezing this morning so my normal run took a backseat to a warm gym and some boring miles on the treadmill. I despise running in place, so I took my mind off of it by closing my eyes and thinking back to Olympic snowboarder and Aspen local Gretchen Bleiler’s appearance in Maxim. Warms the heart and makes those miles fly by.

I suppose this article, about Oregon reducing clean energy rebates, is both good and bad. Good, because it is running out of money because the rebates are so popular, indicating a growth in the clean energy industry. Bad because it threatens to constrict the growth in these industries. Oregon should take advantage of another abundant resource (strip clubs) and utilize tax revenues for future rebates. Call me crazy but I think “Strippers for the Environment” would be an awesome marketing campaign.

My favorite Olympic moment so far hasn’t happened (I anticipate it being something involving either Julia Mancuso or Gretchen Bleiler), but Outside has started throwing up their view on things; check out their three favorite Olympic moments so far. The Seth Wescott win was pretty awesome. But he doesn’t look nearly as good in a bikini.


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