TWW Daily Feed for February 15, 2010

I’m suffering from a bout of age at the moment. I spent the weekend both working and working out, which has somehow resulted in a incredibly sore and stiff back. I’m not sure if it was carrying boxes of beer up stairs or doing a lot of uphill running that has me feeling like an old man, but regardless I’m definitely NOT feeling like a 21 year old anymore. Damn aging. I hope everyone is working their way into the week with minimal regret about it only being Monday. The Feed:


The Winter Olympics are all over the TV right now and so far most of my event watching has been focusing on speed skating. Why? Mostly because it’s fun to watch and the anticipation at every turn of an epic crash involving skate inflicted wounds keeps it interesting. And, of course, the awesomeness of Apolo Ohno’s facial hair. I especially like Apolo because there are rumors of him doing the Incline. And you know what I found today? Rumor confirmed! My journalistic abilities are astounding.

Whoa, this is crazy: Floyd Landis – bicycling star/pariah, always interesting interviewee, and now internationally wanted hacker? WTF. The cycling world is crazy.

9:30am (working my way into the week slowly)

Let’s start the week off with a hearty recipe from Heidi Swanson; Kabocha French Lentil Soup. I’m fully entrenched in my typical boredom with cold winter days, so little nuggets of goodness from Heidi, especially soups, seem like a more appealing way to spend the evening than running in weather that makes my eyebrows freeze.

A little late for Valentine’s Day (the scourge of my holiday season) comes this guide to Sweet Shops and Chocolate from Portland Food and Drink. My suggestion; check out these shops for post-Valentine’s Day deals on their heart shaped confectionery, purchase it, and freeze it for next year. “Romantic” is my middle name.

Finally into some sports related posts. Check out Bicycling Magazine’s breakdown of some of the Tour of California stages and where it’s going to get hard and nasty (their words, not mine).

Last week saw the Eastern Seaboard getting annihilated by storms. And this week? Satellite pictures of the end results of those storms. Slightly reminiscent of The Day After Tomorrow.

I know Lindsey Vonn is America’s darling right now, but if you like brunettes then Julia Mancuso is the girl for you. The downhill skier is an underdog favorite for Vancouver, but her training regime, based in Maui (as in Hawaii) has elevated her to the top of my girlfriend podium:


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