TWW Daily Feed for February 11, 2010

I’ve been on the verge of sickness for the last few days so my workouts have been cut down to zero and my intake of tea and soup has skyrocketed. My new favor cure: the hot lemon ginger tea at Shuga’s, located in downtown Colorado Springs. Shuga’s is a great little bar and restaurant and their specialty tea is amazing; hot and incredibly strong tasting. The first cup clears out the sinuses. By the third cup I’m back to feeling almost normal. They should bottle that sh*t. The Feed:


This is not good: Lindsey Vonn has a shin injury that may keep her from competing at the Olympics. The ENTIRE Olympics. The marketing people for the USOC, Nike, Oakley and whoever else sponsor her are currently on the verge of cutting themselves. Feel better soon baby!

The Mt. Hood Stage Race is possibly one of the more scenic pro races in the country and one I’ve always wanted to check out. If you’re in Portland, the Mt. Tabor section of the race would be a good day to head out and see how exciting top level cycling is.

In 2007 Portland start up clothing company Nau hit the market with clothes made from sustainable or recycled material, a profit sharing mission that found 5% of its take heading to non-profits and stores that screamed of cutting edge eco-consciousness. Nau’s business model, while great in theory and on paper, had little success in the market. But Nau isn’t dead. What happened? It’s turning a profit. Check out the story here.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition is out this week, so of course there are pictures from the magazine popping up all over. And of course I’m going to throw some up myself. Check out one of my favorite models Bar Refaeli, and then curse Leonardo DiCaprio’s name.

A little motivational morning video for you:


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