TWW Daily Feed for February 10, 2010

The Front Range is emerging from two days of bitter cold and snow, and while I hate how confined nasty weather can make me feel, I love how a good storm seems to clean the sky. The morning drive has been much clearer and the mountains look more striking; a result of the winds of the storm clearing the ever increasing smog that hangs over the cities down here. It truly bums me out that for all of the talk about “green energy” and sustainability, the thing that is going to make the most difference is getting rid of entrenched political leadership that thinks there is nothing wrong with a brown cloud hanging over its constituents. The Feed:


A new study is demonstrating that TV is not necessarily a culprit in the rising obesity levels in children. Rather, it’s the amount of commercials that they watch. I have no idea how the scientists came up with this one, but does monitoring a kids commercial viewing pose a viable option to fighting obesity, or is getting your chubby little bundle of joy outside and into some running shoes the way to go? I vote the latter.

I housed a almond croissant this morning, which my assistant informed me was composed of “one stick of butter plus some flour” so I’m feeling in the need of some healthy eating. A veggie sandwich on ciabatta sounds just about perfect.

A nice, soothing video to keep you entertained today when it feels like work is taking forever. Not as nice as Brooklyn Decker down there, but still pretty.


I’m on a little environmental kick right now, but I was dumbfounded by this poster, which depicts the surface area required to power the world’s energy grid via solar power. I was dumbfounded for two reasons; 1) I have no idea how to read this thing and 2) if I’m reading it right, we could basically get rid of Arizona and be carbon free in 2030. Brilliant!

This morning Heidi Swanson (one of my unicorns) has an amazing recipe up for Chocolate Puddle Cookies. And, unlike most of her other recipes, she doesn’t try and make these things more healthy than they should be. Oh, and she spotted the original cookie in Portland. What’s not to love about this woman?

I really, really hate Valentine’s Day. But I really really love Portland restaurants. So I’m going to post the Portland Food and Drink Valentine’s Day Roundup, even though I’m opposed to the very reason for its existence. Have fun on a manufactured holiday, eating good food that will be endlessly scrutinized by your lady friend who will spend the next day comparing notes with her girlfriends about how great/crappy your idea was. Awesome.

What’s that? You want a video preview of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition? Okay.


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