TWW Daily Feed for February 9, 2010

Sorry about yesterday, I was traveling from Milwaukee back to Denver and ran out of time in the morning. Now I’m back in Colorado, pounding down some coffee and enjoying the six inches of new snow that has blanketed the Front Range in the last 24 hours. Like a lot of the West, we’ve been pretty parched this winter, so hopefully this is the start of a good snow trend for the next couple of months. If not, F this place, I’m going somewhere with a beach and surfing. Welcome to the week! Hope everyone had a great weekend. The Feed:


For most of my bike maintenance needs I relied on my old college roommate Max who grew so impatient with our group’s inability to fix something as simple as a flat that he began doing weekly bike maintenance in order to avoid having to deal with our whining on the rides. As a result, my bike was a well oiled machine and I gained nothing in the way of maintenance knowledge. So to fill in my knowledge gaps I’ve been doing some research and reading and checking out things like a slide show to help with the baby steps of bike maintenance. I’ll always miss Max, but time to grow up.

With the Olympics in town Vancouver is the star of numerous “guide to” articles. I like this Men’s Journal one because its quick, well organized and has a couple of helpful links for furthering exploring. And it guides you to some of the more debaucherous venues.

The first stage details for this years Tour of California are popping up. Head over to Velo News for a breakdown of the first two stages along with some good pictures. I think this would be one of the greater spectator races in the word. It combines cycling, California, wine, beer, beaches and girls who frequent beaches into a multi-day event. Perfect.

Wondering why the West is hurting for snow? Because we still think that these things are good ideas:


The end of Portland Food and Drink’s survey results, with the official unveiling of the Best Restaurant in Portland and the Best New Restaurant. There are a lot of favorites on this list, and a lot of new places I need to check out. Get on it people! Who knows when the next restaurant apocalypse will strike.

A great breakdown of the building drama and trash talk between the Pro teams in the run up to this year’s major cycling event. I love how Bicycling Magazine basically called Lance Armstrong a baby. Wow. Goodbye exclusive interviews with Lance. I’m not sure how I feel about the need to trash talk in a sport where everyone shaves their body hair and spandex is the uniform of choice, but whatever guys, get after it.

Because its never too early in the morning to be inspired by disabled animals who can still do their thing:


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