TWW Daily Feed for February 5, 2010

I’m in Wisconsin for a short visit and to this point, less than 12 hours into my stay here, I’ve managed to consume about half a pound of cheese in various forms. Add to my typically altered diet when I’m here the horizontal snow and ground that has been frozen since November and you get a visit that is long on food and relaxing and short on working out. My usual solution is to bundle up and head down to the Lake Drive Loop, end the run with some Alterra and hope that my fingers start working again in time for dinner. Otherwise I work out by bringing the beer to my face. The Feed:

1:15pm – Fiddleheads has great coffee

This is not good news for some people intent on running a marathon in their lifetimes; a new study demonstrates that one out of every five people will not be able to increase their endurance through exercise. Their genetic makeup prevents their body from increasing its natural VO2 Max, a key indicator of endurance. 1 in 5! My girlfriend checklist just added another item.

Valentine’s Day is a stupid, made up holiday that forces romantic situations that reduce the overall spontaneity of a relationship and basically kill any desire to spend time with your significant other. At least that’s my view. But just in case you plan on going all out, a gallery of Valentine’s Day presents for your loved one who cycles. In the meantime, someone stab me in the eye.

I’m in love with coffee and Vimeo:

8:30am – I’m on Wisco time, which involves a lot of slumber

Last weekend Craig and I were put through some pretty straightforward but incredibly difficult back and ab exercises. As athletes that run and ride for a majority of our workouts our backs and abs were understandably weak. The exercises annihilated us, and led to a realization that we both need to do more core support exercises. Thankfully, the Adventure Life guy is in the same situation, and provides a good primer on how to get your back and abs in the shape they’re supposed to be. As Craig put it best: “Your body is like the Golden Gate Bridge, and it needs A LOT of suspension.”

I think I missed one, but here are the next results from Portland Food and Drinks Restaurant Survey (numbers 25 thru 25). Somewhat ironic reading the results now that I’m in a state where bacon is often used as a substitute for peanuts at the local bars.

The Men’s Journal perfect weekend post, with 0 activities in the Western US. However, if you happen to be in Texas or Vermont make sure to check it out.

I have to admit that while I love Lindsey Vonn, I’m a bit tired of the extent of the media coverage about her. She is literally everywhere. So while the video below does feature her (and makes me a raging hypocrite) this link to one of her more attractive and talented teammates, Julia Mancuso, should mitigate the Vonn-dom.


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