TWW Daily Feed for February 4, 2010

I used to do a lot of night running in my high school and college days. Back in those days my body clock was set so that my energy levels increased at around 8pm, resulting in runs that frequently ended around my present bed time. Not anymore. But last night, due to a nap and good timing at work, I headed out for a long run around 8 o’clock and remembered why I used to enjoy it so much. The quiet, the sense that the road belongs only to you and the strange mix of anxiety and adrenaline that goes along with running in mountain terrain populated by mountain lions made for one of the faster and more enjoyable runs I’ve had in a while. I suppose with age comes  a shift in what the body needs as far as sleep, curtailing my desire to run at night and my present need to work out in the morning. But every now and then, when the timing is right, a night run is a good way to reconnect with why I learned to love being outside. The Feed:


Steve Casimiro, from the Adventure Life, always throws up a lot of interesting pictures (check out his post on the fastest animal on earth). His bodysurfing gallery is full of richly textured, well shot pictures of beach, waves and people enjoying them. Although not really related to what we cover, I’m throwing it up because of the following reasons; 1) It’s F’ing cold in Colorado right now and I need a beach vacation. So do you. 2) Great pictures are meant to be looked at, and 3) the Adventure Life is a great site and you need to visit it almost every day.

I’m not sure what educational tract you embark on to become a “audio ecologist” but apparently it’s out there, and they are finding that our natural parks are getting louder every year. Who cares? You do, the next time you take a girl out in Yosemite and find that the screaming of kids and RV’s is drowning out your smooth talking.

Thank you Boulder for addressing the most pressing societal issues of our day in a well thought out session that takes on some of your communities most pressing questions.

During the winter months the gym sometimes becomes a necessary evil. For some of these people, the gym equipment must be spawns of satan. Cartwheeling off of treadmills? Perfect.

A cool photo gallery of Clyde Common, one of the more aesthetically appealing restaurants in Portland. They have great cocktails too.

A cool little video to get you excited about Vancouver and the spirit of the Olympics in general. Enjoy.


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