TWW Daily Feed for February 2, 2010

A late night is making for a long and stressful morning and as a result I’m running behind on almost everything, including the ever amusing and fun Daily Feed. I’ll get to the links in a minute, but I wanted to share this little nugget of awesome from the bar last night, where the burnout patrol was in full effect; “bro, I never have any money. Do you think I can stop paying my child support? I can’t even buy a six pack tonight!” Wonderful. The Feed:

3:45pmmy late lunch run in Red Rocks Canyon has me energized for tonight

I’m always starving after I work out so this post from Outside on the Top 10 Recipes from ski town restaurants is a cruel joke. I’m emailing it to the Girl in a not-so-subtle effort to get her to try some of these things this weekend. They call me Mr. Smooth.

I was not aware that Jackson Hole has a famous Air Force. Apparently they are the subject of a new, completely objective and not at all sensational documentary. Rad.

11:00am – yep, almost noon before the first post. On top of the day!

The Astana cycling team is a curiosity in the cycling world. Sponsored by the Kazak government, lead by a Spaniard and possessing an array of past scandals and drama, Astana seems poised to be a strong contender in this year’s Tour de France. A good look at the team and where they are going in 2010, along with a good shot of Alexandre Vinokourov’s freakishly giant legs.

Nike has undertaken some environmental initiatives that seem to have reduced its carbon impact, but as a result the company has decided to abandon buying carbon offsets. I like how the company is trying to be innovative in its approach to design, labor and manufacturing, but an industry leader abandoning offsets is not going to set a good example. Of course, utilizing children in the manufacturing process for pennies on the dollar isn’t good either, but small steps Nike, small steps.

A Men’s Journal profile of Jeret Peterson, the only aerials skier to land what is called “the Hurricane” (twist on the first backflip, three twists on the second, and one more on the final backflip) in competition and a gold medal favorite for Vancouver. The angle of the story?: disturbed kid goes from small scale arson to Olympic glory and back again. Good read.

For someone electronically inclined with a love of cooking food in elaborate, electronically controlled ways. I’m at a bit of a loss on how to describe this thing.

This is awesome: the Top 10 Winter X Games moments. Make sure to watch the video of Shaun White. And then put on your red wig and dance in his honor.


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