TWW Daily Feed for January 28, 2010

There were two big speeches this week. One, of course, was the State of the Union address last night, in which President Obama attempted to rally his party and the United States to the idea of continuing change, and seemed dumbfounded that America’s retardedly short attention span and immediate need to see results from a political process that is notoriously complex and slow didn’t understand where he was coming from. And the second, possibly more talked about and watched speech, was from Steve Jobs, who presented the iPad; a device that, ironically, provides consumers with immediate access to magazines, pictures, movies, music and so on. To me, it looks like a giant iPhone. To Obama, it probably looks the culmination of some strange cosmic joke. The Feed:


Numbers 16 through 22 of Portland Food and Drink’s Restaurant Survey are up, with some interesting categories in this round. I really like the “Best Place for a Discreet Affair” and the fact that it’s paired with a category list that includes “Best Dessert Place.” You know some dumbass is going to blow the quality of a discreet affair with a sweet tooth and need to visit Pix.

An interview with Garmin-Transitions team leader Christian Vande Velde, who is hoping to enter the Tour de France this year injury free and in top riding form. I like this guy, he seems like a solid dude. His performance last year in support of Bradley Wiggins helped make the Tour even more interesting. And his existence annoys Lance for some reason. Good combination.

I have a love/hate relationship with Whole Foods, but I wholly applaud this new measure. Time to start rewarding people for paying attention and staying healthy. I see no wrong.

A slide show of GQ’s top gear for 2010. The Adidas headphones look pretty cool, and the ability to wash the earbuds under the faucet? Brilliant touch that could have come about 20 years ago, but whatever. Poppa likey.


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