TWW Daily Feed for January 27, 2010

Good morning all you outdoor sports fans. Another gorgeous day here in Colorado. Temperatures are more winter like today, with highs in the mid-30s. Expect some snow along the Front Range and in the high country, continuing into tomorrow. Along the Front Range, the snow will move in today and increase through the night, snowing most of the day tomorrow. So get ready to finally unpack those winter coats, winter is on its way! (the following announcement brought to you by the weather experts at NOAA). The Feed:


Yep, that’s right, the clock almost hit 8am before I got my ass out of bed, guzzled down my first cup of coffee and popped open my computer. I had a lovely couple last night at the bar that insisted on using the place as a make out den, complete with music, the smell of old beer, and a pool table. Romance! Anyway, I hope none this applies to you now ladies, but keep it in mind when the 50s approach; strength training later in life can improve your cognitive function. Excellent. Why is it that when women strength train they get smarter, but when men do it they just become muscle bound monkeys that think grunting excessively in the gym is a sign of strength?

A fairly long but interesting article about Fergus Henderson, regarded as one of the most influential chefs in the world, who specializes in making almost every part of an animal an upscale dish. Pig’s poop tubes are among his specialties. A heads up; some of the descriptive language at the beginning is a little graphic. Especially if you love animals.

I wanted to post this yesterday but got sidetracked. The Adventure Life has a gallery of some cool outdoor oriented art by Danna Ray.

Seattle has a new restaurant. One that sounds delicious, localized (as in uses a lot of local produce and meat) and well thought out: Emmer and Rye (1825 Queen Anne Ave.). The more I learn about Seattle’s food scene the more intrigued I become.


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