TWW Daily Feed for January 26, 2010

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday. As with most of my days lately I ended up having to spend a lot of time on the phone with clients. Overall it was a frustrating day, with one bright spot. Yesterday morning I overslept and didn’t get to workout, which is problematic on Monday and Tuesday because I go from my “real” job to my bartending gig, without much of a break. It’s usually morning or nothing. However, yesterday I got so frustrated at work (thank you annoying client) that I left early and ended up getting home with about an hour to get to the bar. Not much time for a run. Regardless, I threw on a pair of shorts and did some circuit work in the living room; pushups, situps, whatever, and then ran down the street to do stair laps. It ended up being a short and intense workout, drastically improving my mood and overall day and reminding me that I don’t have to go on death marches in the mountains to get in some good work on the temple. The Feed:


I always think riding in the Tour de France would be one of the coolest experiences possible. Until I watch them hit the mountain stages after two weeks of 5+ hours on a tiny, ball crushing seat and I quickly realign my fantasy paradigm. Another good way to do that? Imagine starting the race in one of the windiest regions in the world. Thanks organizers!

The Elk Mountain Grand Traverse is coming up in March, and to give you an idea of what these athletes go through during the cross country ski race, check out the trailer below for Beyond Midnight, the new documentary about the race:


Kind of outside of the site, but still funny and sport related; a list of the most awkward sports moments of the last decade, with commentary. My favorite was the Serena Williams moment, who basically bullied a line judge my threatening to kill her with a tennis ball. That chick is huge. I would have been scared.

If you are in Seattle in February and want to expand your cooking prowess, and your dateability, check out this class, hosted by caterers and chefs Lisa Dupar and Jonathan Zimmer. They are teaching a class on how to cook like everyone’s favorite gigantic woman chef (not named the Barefoot Contessa); Julia Child. Get on it.

Usually I throw something like this up on Friday, but it’s a rough week already and we all need some Victoria Secret time in our lives.

This is stupid. You want to do what that involves jumping out of a balloon and free falling 120,000 feet? Please strongly reconsider diluting the gene pool with your children. Thanks.


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