TWW Daily Feed for January 22, 2010

Lately we’ve been frequenting a little bar/tapas place in Colorado Springs that stands out more the fact that it exists here than for its excellent drink and food selection. Shuga’s is not something that you would expect to thrive in a town where Texas Roadhouse is one of the most popular eating out destinations in town. But there it is, on the corner of Cascade and Rio Grande, thriving in a town where the cultural influences the bar embodies are generally looked on with distaste by the city denziens. Shuga’s existence gives me a slight bit of hope for Colorado Springs. It’s still a hardcore Republican, anti-everything stronghold, but the pockets of progressiveness are growing, anchored by places like Shuga’s and it’s amazing lemon ginger tea. Check it out and make sure to tell friends. The Feed:


Violetta, a new restaurant in downtown Portland, has been getting slammed with roadblock after roadblock, delaying the opening of what promises to be a great addition to the downtown PDX food scene. Their solution to the delay? Open a food cart of course; the Rollin’ Etta, which serves a portion of the soon to be available Violetta menu while providing all of the special ambiance that only a cart can provide. Check it out at SW 8th and Yamhill. And in case you haven’t done it yet, add Food Carts Portland to your bookmarks. They are on top of the PDX cart scene like a fat kid on pancakes.

Outside has a great rundown of some of the ways to carpool and take alternative transportation to the resorts instead of piling into the SUVs and dumping more CO2 than necessary into the atmosphere. And check out Clif Bar’s new carpooling search feature, Zimride, which helps hook you up with people that have room in their ride or need one. Good stuff.

Tour Down Under results, day 4. Greipel again?

And to put your mind in the right place for the weekend, a little photo gallery courtesy of GQ (which means no nudity). The amazing Miranda Kerr. I think I love her. No, I’m sure.


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