TWW Daily Feed for January 21, 2010

The cat woke me up by sitting on my head this morning. To his credit, I think he was annoyed that I had hit the snooze five times and kept rolling over on top of him. Thankfully he’s a stout little fella. Crawling out of a warm bed into a cold morning is not the best way to start the day. This morning I was particularly annoyed by it. But then I read about these people and I felt a little bit better. My mornings might start cold, but I’m sure as hell not huddling around a gas stove in order to stay warm in my trendy loft. The Feed:


I’m still holding on to the Yaktrax as my main form of traction when hiking during the snow season, but if you use a ski set up with skins, and want a good way to get the skins off in a hurry, check out this dude:


The middle of January is usually when everyone starts catching up on their holiday spending sprees. To help you out with living cheap while living large, check out Outside Magazine’s Top 10 Free Winter Deals. The surprise winner? Aspen.

Sitting around and wondering where to find a good recipe for Palak Paneer? Look no further.


If you’re in Seattle and are looking for ways to quiet down the fat guy that works down the hall and keeps shuffling around, mouth breathing and laughing with a hearty, artery clogged bellow, try calling Trophy Cupcakes. Give big boy a few to shut him up, and keep one for yourself.

This photo spread is one of the cooler and most visually interesting ways I’ve ever seen chocolate pimped. The Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory take the cacao beans from plant to chocolate goodness, without leaving their factory. Check out the very bottom for some of their guiding principles, as designed by a 5 year old with crayons.

A new Ok Go video to start your morning? Okay:


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One response to “TWW Daily Feed for January 21, 2010

  1. Brook Brisson

    Oh Jefe, you talk about the cold like you know it-imagine waking up to at least -10 degree days everyday for the past 3 weeks, and some days, -30. Now that’s cold!

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