TWW Daily Feed for January 19, 2010

Yesterday was one of those days in which my motivation for working out diminished as the day progressed. More and more I’m finding that if I don’t get a run or ride or whatever in during the morning hours I don’t do anything at all. Coming home from work in the dark is not conducive to getting excited about heading out for a run, especially when the trails around your running haunts have names like “Lion’s Den” and “Bear Creek.” Getting mauled by an animal would be the worst way to end the work day. Ever. So I’m going to stick to the mornings, try to get up a little bit earlier, and tell myself that running while slightly groggy is better than running from something that is furry and pissed. The Feed:


The Tour Down Under is the big race going on right now in the cycling world, opening the proverbial “curtain” on this year’s race events. Want some results from the first stage? Here you go.

New Portland food cart review from the Portland Food Carts peeps. Mono Malo (Area23, NE 23rd and Alberta) provides tapas like dishes featuring various meat and veggie pairings. The menu looks great and the Portland Food Carters seemed to like it.

This year’s Winter Olympics in Vancouver marks the beginning of the newest winter sport event: Ski Cross. A mix of racing and high velocity ski-derby, the sport is drawing a lot of older athletes that never medaled in prior games, and see Ski Cross as their last, best hope. Check out the trailer below for the new documentary Appointment in Vancouver, starring multi-Olympic athlete Casey Puckett. I’m excited for this event. Whatever happens with Ski Cross, it’s 1000 times better than figure skating.


CNN, which I feel is quickly becoming one of the more alarmist channels on TV, has a little photo gallery up of the 12 greenest cars of 2010, in case you are in the market. Aside from that, CNN; let’s have a talk. Your channel hosts Nancy Grace, who not only looks like a cartoon character but has basically created a show in which she acts like a cartoon character, but with headline bulletins. Are you serious? I get physically repulsed every time I see her on the air with her stupid headlines highlighted in yellow, screaming “Breaking News!!” No, it’s not breaking news, it’s a beacon of awfulness. And who does her hair? Take care of this CNN. I’m already cutting you a break for the whole Anderson Cooper thing. You’re pushing your luck.

A couple of weeks ago Portland Food and Drink put together a survey asking readers to rank various restaurants/bars in town based on a number of categories. The first of the rankings are up and provide a good rundown of some really great places to check out the food scene in Portland. I laughed when I read that Wildwood won the place that “Out of Town Guests Always Want to go Here” category. From personal experience, this is definitely true.

This is going to be an intense study, featuring a woman who became an ultra-runner after having a section of her brain removed. Crazy, hopefully informative and groundbreaking, and promising a lot of good pictures.

Mother Nature Network has a review/story about a new book out called Your Eco-Friendly Home. The book provides guidance in how to go about purchasing and remodeling a home in the greenest way possible while taking you through the property buying process. Apparently there is something called an Energy Efficient Mortgage. I had no idea. The book looks like a good resource if you are considering greening up your current living situation. Or impressing your hippy girlfriend.


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