TWW Daily Feed for January 18, 2010

No snow in the mountains and high temperatures on the Front Range made for lots of muddy trail running this weekend. I spent a lot of my time on Saturday in Red Rock Canyon, getting in a couple of loops in the park in an effort to hit 2000 feet worth of climbing. I didn’t hit my mark, but I had fun watching the mountain bikers trying to peddle uphill in the slush and mud. Nothing as frustrating as moving backwards a foot for every two you climb. Aside from the mud it was a great day in the park. A lot of people, but clear and sunny skies and a good variety of trail conditions to keep you on your toes. Not a bad way to spend the weekend. Hope everyone enjoyed theirs, despite the general lack of snow in the West. The Feed:


Check out Bicycling Magazine’s race report of the 2010 Tour Down Under. So far Britain’s Team Sky looks like the team to beat, but Lance and the Radioshack crew rode a strong race. Best quote of the article, from Lance of course; “I certainly felt better today than last year. But last year in this event I felt a little like a monkey screwing a football, too..” Nice work dude. Glad you don’t feel like you’re humping a football this year.

This graphic, representing the economy of the Apple iPhone App Store, is pretty crazy. $250 million in revenues generated just from apps! It almost makes me want to learn how to be both creative and adept at programming.

If you’re into both skiing/snowboarding and photography and looking for a way to gain experience shooting skiers and riders, check out the camp that prolific photographer Scott Markewitz is hosting at Snowbird. Not a bad deal for three nights, instruction from one of the best in the business, and lift tickets.

I am always sketched out when a recipe calls for beef or vegetable broth and my only solution is to dissolve one of those industrial looking little cubes into the water to make the required broth. I think it’s kind of gross. Thankfully, Ms. Swanson has heard my Viking horn and has provided an excellent solution to the problem with her Homemade Bouillon Recipe.


There are only so many ways in which you can launch yourself off of buildings in Parkour inspired bouts of acrobatic inspiration. Instead, check out the video below for some Parkour inspiration, graphic design style:

From Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line blog, comes a look at wildlife corridors and how they can be used to better plan for infrastructure in high wildlife areas. .


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