TWW Daily Feed for January 13, 2010

I’ve been dedicating my late night TV watching solely to Conan O’Brien. This whole mess with Leno (who is lame) and NBC trying to move the Tonight Show has made Conan the most amusingly irate person in the country. Watching him lob bombs at the NBC executives while on national TV is possibly one of the most entertaining things on television. Admittedly I’m a big Conan fan, so watching him in his unhinged state is nothing short of amazing. Check out this Hulu clip for a good example of how Conan is fighting the good fight, with international political leaders on his side. Keep fightin’ Conan, keep fightin’. The Feed:


A Q&A session with the Outside Online gear guy about whether a emergency blanket can be used as an alternative to a sleeping bag. It’s never the sleeping bag that makes camping uncomfortable. It’s the cold.

Jack Bauer is an environmentalist. At least that’s what Kiefer Sutherland is trying to tell us about 24’s efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of its production. I would argue the point but for some reason I’m afraid that Jack is going to bust down my door, scream at me a bit and then attach some sort of electrical probe to my nether regions. No thanks.

Who is everyone afraid of in the 2010 Tour de France? It’s not Team Radioshack. I wonder if Lance is going to say “F it” this year and just relentlessly sandbag Contador to get in his head. That’s the route I would go. Contador looks like he might be emotionally vulnerable. Go for the throat Lance!


Going with the whole ‘support Conan’ creed of the site today, check out his statement regarding his potential move from the traditional Tonight Show slot. I want to know what Jay Leno is doing with all of this. He sounds like an underhanded big-chinned weeny.

Chart Porn has a couple of really cool graphs up of historical events. This one, detailing the history of Everest climbing expeditions, is incredibly detailed (and large). You have to play around a bit with the zoom but the presentation is pretty cool and worth taking a peek at.

No one is claiming that the movers and shakers for sustainability improvements are the smartest cookies. The solar powered dog is possibly one of the dumbest things I’ve seen in a while, but whatever, at least these people aren’t making the green movement seem fringe and irrational. Oh wait…


To start the day check out this list of 11 foods you need to be eating, but you aren’t. Because really, how often do you think of what to eat for dinner and sardines pops into your head? Regardless, some good things to add to your shelves for some healthier options.

With the cycling season coming up the pro teams are getting prepared to launch 10 month assaults on the racing world. If you’ve ever wondered how a team prepares for the season behind the scenes, check out this article from Velo News about what it takes to get a typical pro team up an running for the year. Pretty crazy logistics. Head over to the photo gallery to stare enviously at endless supplies of Clif Bars and bike gear.

Two days in a row of Anthony Bourdain’s crazy antics. Today, check out the Eater PDX recap of the debut of the 6th season of No Reservations in which Anthony manages to get drunk in one of the most violent drug countries in South America. And then below check out the video of him helping to cook some cocaine. Awesome.


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