TWW Daily Feed for January 12, 2010

I had an appointment call to reschedule yesterday, so in lieu of sitting at a desk all day today I took up my friend Matt’s offer to go snowboarding. We haven’t ridden together for a long time so I spent a few minutes last night talking to him trying to figure out how he likes to approach the mountain. Myself, I don’t like the park. I’ll ride anything else except for the part with the death leaps. Thankfully, Matt feels the same way, so I’m good on that front. His only question for me; “Dude, is it cool if I smoke a bowl while we’re driving up.” Awesome. This is Manitou, and these are the Days of Our Lives. The Feed:


I have a strange fascination with Bear Grylls. The dude just seems to enjoy whatever he’s doing regardless of whether his day involves trudging through freezing cold temperatures or eating something that looks like it belongs in the toilet. I wonder if his wife is just so awful that he relishes his time away from her with wreckless abandon. Anyway, check out this video of Bear Grylls being interviewed about…his wife.

This story popped up in the Denver Post yesterday and has made its way online. It’s the story of a ski bum who managed to get in 120 days a year by living in the parking lots and doing random jobs. A dream of many; a reality of only a few. Except this guy’s reality now involves federal drug charges. Crap.

Boulder’s pizza joints are known more for their late night crowds of coeds trying to mitigate the effects of too many beers than for high quality dishes that worth coming to check out on a sober night. Fortunately, Boulder now has Pizzeria Basta (3601 Arapahoe Ave).

5:08am: It’s negative 2 at the mountain. Damn you Matt

I’m a huge George Hincapie fan, so I was bummed to hear he moved on from the solid HTC-Columbia Team and is now with BMC, a new team with less of a history and a diminished talent pool. Their uniforms look dumb too. BUT I still love you George. Check out the story about his new team here, and then head over here to check out his new bike for this year’s racing circuit.

Eater PDX has an oddly numbered guide to what it considers the 38 Essential Portland Restaurants; the restaurants that define the food scene and top their recommendations list. It’s set up as an ever evolving collection of what Eater considers the best; as new restaurants come into the city the list will change. Kind of cool, although I have no idea how they ranked these, and a good resource for getting out and exploring some of Portland’s best food.

Let’s be honest here: 95% of what we do while skiing or riding is not camera worthy. The fact that the In-Goggle Camera now exists just means a glut of Youtube videos of people sliding down the mountain in a generally uninteresting way. Hooray.

Seattle’s Spring Hill has hired a new pastry chef, who is bringing dishes like Caramel Corn Hush Puppies to the menu. I’m in! You had me at Hush Puppy…


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