TWW Daily Feed for January 11th, 2010

Today we’re going to try something a little bit new for the Daily Feed. Instead of one long post at the beginning of every morning we are going to update it throughout the day, until 5pm MST every afternoon. This way we can put things up as we hear of them instead of waiting until the next day. Each Daily Feed will still exist as only one post, we’ll simply update that one post as we go. We’ll revert back to the original format on travel days, or when most of the day is going to be spent on the trails or wherever else, but as of today we’re going with the running Feed. The newest updates will be at the top of the post (below this first paragraph). Let me know what you think. The (new) Feed:


Michael Pollan is a great writer and his books on all things food are definite ‘must reads’ if you are looking for something to add to your bookshelf. Check out an interview he did with the NYTs in which he provides a few basic rules of eating. Worth checking out before you buy dinner tonight.

This video fall into the “skinny weird dudes in speedos with too much time on their hands” category.

(11:10pm) A little before lunch reading

The Seattle Library is one of the coolest buildings in the city, so it seems appropriate that some cool restaurants and bars are filling in the nooks and crannies around the neighborhood. The Seattle Food Dude has a review up of one of those places, Sip at the Wine Bar and Restaurant (909 5th Avenue). He mentions that it’s a chain, so not exactly the local flavor we typically like to endorse, but in a city that lags well behind Portland in great food, I’ll happily throw a bone. Check it out. Let me know.

This site gets a lot of searches for “caffeine”, “caffeine in coffee” and “is coffee more caffeinated than redbull?” (yes), so to answer the queries I have finally tracked down a great chart showing the various levels of caffeine in coffee compared to some popular energy drinks. I love how a drink called “NOS” is actually NOT the winner in this one.

A cool little article about the amazing Lindsey Vonn and how she has become, and remains, successful in a hyper competitive sport. A little known fact: her skiing victories have won her numerous cows. Seriously.

For the fellas: 10 tips (from GQ Magazine) on how to acquire a smooth, non-irritating shave. Although I hope that after the age of 16 most of us have figured out how to shave without destroying our faces, but whatever, there are always the slow ones. This one is good for finding excuses to pamper yourself that doesn’t involve manicures, pedicures and the like. Not that I’ve ever received one of those things. They sound girly. And I don’t like the colors they use.

(5:45am) Good Morning!: a couple of food related posts for you, and one gear review because we love your backcountry adventures –

Heidi Swanson has a hearty looking recipe up for Ribollita, a thick Tuscan stew that uses a lot of greens and beans to form a hearty, winter appropriate meal. She came up with this one after, what sounds like, a cathartic cleansing of her freezer. I can’t even imagine what that thing would look like. I picture a refrigerator fool of magical, yet healthy, treats.

I’m surprised that the gluten free food trend is still going strong, but it is and it presents people numerous problems with choosing what to eat, especially when going out. Portland’s strong suite with food is catering to a huge range of appetites and diets. So combine gluten free with Portland food carts and you get the list of carts that serve gluten free meals of delicious goodness. You’re welcome glu-tards.

You have to love Anthony Bourdain. The dude has built an empire by being a cynical, slightly unhinged New Yorker unleashed onto world cultures. My favorite episodes of No Reservations involve Bourdain checking out a new dish and the traditional alcohol that comes with it and then watching him continue to sample the alcohol until he ends up slightly wasted while still trying to function as a host. Brilliant TV. Check out this Q&A he did with Men’s Journal, in which he describes how Ozzy Osbourne somehow became a grandfather to him.

And for the last post of the morning we have a Gear Junkie review for the GPS/SPOT device, a super high tech avalanche beacon that uses GPS to provide your location and others who are carrying the device. It also has the capability to send out a SOS signal for the dicey situations. Pretty cool looking little toy.


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