TWW Daily Feed for January 8th

Tomorrow is Manitou’s annual Fruitcake Toss, where a mix of engineers, enthusiasts and loonies gather together to launch fruitcakes as far as they can. I suppose the festival is a good way to bring people in to town during what is otherwise a pretty slow time of year. I think of it as the symbolic end of the Holiday season. When hundreds of people show up to start throwing a holiday food item around it’s time to pack up the tree and lights. The Feed:

V02 testing typically involves a lot of tubes, monitors and treadmill or bike work inside of a hot building. For a lower tech way to test your V02 head over to Rockport Fitness to use their low tech VO 2 calculator and test which consists of a walk around a track, a heart rate monitor and an online calculator. Break 70 and you can start thinking about taking Lance down.

Everything I’ve read this week is indicating that the Portland restaurant scene is in a crazy state of flux, with a ton of restaurants (mostly in the Pearl) shutting their doors. There are bright spots, such as Slap Happy (4246 SE Belmont St), a restaurant that specializes in make-it-yourself pancakes. Basically, they have created stoner Shangri-la.

A little beer review for you: Great Divide’s Oak Aged Yeti, a winter stout that sounds great for cold nights.

Some Friday fun for you: a collection of the best “fails” from 2009, from the people at College Humor. The best one is at 1:40 in, when the music has shifted to trance and the dude stealing the purse runs toward the wrong pedestrian (safe for work as it depicts general scenes of mayhem, no nudity, and a weird soundtrack. You’re welcome).

Alright then. Hope everyone has a great weekend full of fun and adventure. We’ll get back on Monday with a new version of the Daily Feed.


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