TWW Daily Feed for January 7th: Something New(ish)

We’re changing the layout a little bit to spruce the site up for you before we shift it completely over to the new design. What do you think? Personally, I like that the logo is now our header, but on the downside the column width is narrower which makes everything look a little too bunched together for my liking. We’ll try it for a few days to see what happens. On Monday we’re also going to do the Daily Feed in a slightly different format to allow for more developing news stories that happen during the day. Check it out, love it, hug it. The Feed:

Nissan has announced that it is becoming a sponsor of Team Radioshack, solidifying the team’s financial health while presumably providing some vehicle support for this year’s races. The article emphasizes Nissan’s green initiatives, making me wonder if Radioshack is undertaking an effort to “green” their program. Hmmmm…

A list of “green resorts” that make vacationing in an exotic destination easier for your green minded self. Until you remember that you flew a plane to the airport that was built on a wetland that has little public transportation requiring you to rent a car to drive to the remote location of the “green” resort that was built on a different wetland but that has a recycling system for it’s sprinkler system for the non-native grass. Wow! I think I need some more coffee to mellow out.

Although, maybe the airport at the resort location has a green parking garage that produces its own energy, which is connected to an airport with an ever expanding green energy production system. Where would such an innovative airport thrive? Try Denver. That’s right baby, the Denver Airport has its thumb to the greenstone.

My new favorite piece of gear that I desperately need: the portable espresso machine. Check this thing out, it looks like you could shove it in a pack and carry it with you skiing, hiking or whatever. Get some hot water going and voila! Espresso on the run. Poppa likey.

If you are in the Seattle area and want something to do this weekend check out the Chow Down, a one day event where some of the best food carts in Seattle gather to provide you samplings of their mobile food fare. It’s located at Interbay at 1616 W Bertona. I haven’t sampled much of the Seattle cart scene so I don’t have any recommendations, but you can’t go wrong with the doughnut cart.

I keep telling my friends that I wear a helmet with headphones because sometimes my life just needs a soundtrack. I’m not sure I need the Freeskiing World Tour Official Mixtape as my soundtrack, but you might. So click on the link, download the mp3 and enjoy. It’s mostly a mix of rap that is upbeat and fun. Basically what you would expect from a freeskiing competition sound system.

The intrepid Heidi Swanson has a great collection of recipes up for you to check out. The garlic soup sounds particularly tasty. Girl, I love you.

And now for the craziest thing that got posted to the internet yesterday. Below, check out the video of a Japanese whaling ship destroying a Sea Shepherd boat. Sea Shepherd is the organization that uses harassment techniques to protest and derail whaling expeditions. The video shows their boat getting mauled, and then doused with high pressure water hoses. A good ‘holy sh*t’ way to start your day:

We’ll see you tomorrow. Have a great day and if you have time head over to the Sea Shepherd website to check out their cause and some after pictures of the boat.


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