TWW Daily Feed for January 6th

Last night my little town held the swearing in ceremony for the new city council and mayor, ushering out the old (who did some really great things in town) and bringing in the new; a mix of experienced community leaders and one person new to the whole politics game; Matt Carpenter, high altitude runner extraordinaire. Matt and the new mayor came in to celebrate last night and it was the first time I got to interact with him outside of his usual “don’t f*ck with me” training mode. I always think it’s interesting to see different sides of elite athletes. From my limited experiences with Matt he seemed like a super intense dude that was more interested on getting around you than stopping to talk. But last night he was great; super laid back, telling us stories about what it was like to fly into Nepal and Katamandu to train for races around Mt. Everest. He was funny, nice, inquisitive and all around seemed like a great new addition to the town’s leadership. It was also nice to talk to an athlete who obviously did not need a PR team surrounding him and did not seem to have a rapacious appetite for nasty porn star sex. The Feed:

The NYTs has an article up about a study showing that women in relationships gain more weight than women that are single. Why is this a study? This effect has been common guy knowledge for years. Once a girl locks a dude up in a relationship say goodbye to the gym, healthy eating, and the clothes that got the guy’s attention in the first place.

Men’s Journal has a great post up about how martial arts can be worked into your training routine, and lists the various disciplines and breaks down what they are good for (ie: which one is the best for strength building, endurance training and so on). So this winter you can improve your conditioning and learn how to break someone’s arm? I’m in.

Kind of a sobering chart about the expenses of college and other associated statistics with obtaining an undergraduate degree. My favorite part is the section that lists what history majors (that’s me!) typically do with their degrees. I guess I can call myself lucky that I don’t wear a green apron at work everyday.

A collection of off-season training tips from various cyclists. One of them is planning on hitting Mount Sanitas a lot. Holla!!

Check out this little video tutorial from Boulder’s West End teaching you how to make a Blueberry Lace.

And last, but not least, and certainly not in line with the current season is this great video of the winning trick from last year’s Kustom Airstrike Surfing Competition where the top trick wins $50,000.

Have a good Wednesday everyone!


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