TWW Daily Feed for January 5th

For our New Years celebrations we got together in Aspen for a few days of riding, big dinners and bar hopping. Great times. I always forget how much I love Aspen until I go back, and then the scenery, people, town and recreating options smack me around a bit and make me realize that Aspen is possibly one of my favorite places in the West. Hiking Aspen Mountain and the Highlands Bowl, checking out the view from the Sundeck and hitting some of the coolest bars in Colorado – how can you beat a town that provides all of this? And that’s only in the winter. My new favorite part of Aspen are the oatmeal pancakes at Bonnie’s Restaurant on Aspen Mountain (they are really good and relatively cheap, but as Casey pointed out we could use a bit less of the seasonal visitors screaming at the cooks to hurry up). I’m not sure I could live there for very long, but every time I go there it gets harder to leave. The Feed:

The Gear Junkie has his Top Ten of the Year’s Best Gear up. I get sick of the random reviews that pop up everytime you Google a piece of gear. I’m glad that the jacket “is rad” bro, but your expository language abilities are lacking a bit. This is why I love the GJ: great writing, great pictures and reviews that provide helpful information that doesn’t make me want to curse the American educational system.

While we’re on the gear review kick, check out the Adventure Life’s review of Polartec’s Power Shield Pro, a new material that combines the waterproofing material of a typical softshell with a more porous membrane that is meant to allow for more breathabilitly. Basically the material is attempting to reach the holy grail of the softshell world: a water and wind proof jacket that adjusts to your temperature. The Adventure Life dude checked out the material as used in the Northface Kishtwar Jacket. Bottom line: good stuff.

It’s time for New Year Resolutions, so avoid the gym for the next two weeks until everyone reverts back to last year’s exercise habits, and check out this list of ways to enhance your sprint triathlon training.

Beginning of the year forecasts are pretty banal and I’m loathe to throw up links to any, but I was drawn to Bicycle Magazine’s list of predictions in the cycling world for 2010 mainly because of the background info it provides on the new Team Sky and Radioshack, and the American racing scene. I love how the nickname for Team Radioshack is “Graydioshack.” You clever bitches.

Portland has a new, awesomely named, food cart called Bruce Lee’s Kitchen (SE 13th and Lexington) down in Sellwood. Looks like a stir fry/paid thai kind of place, with “huge” portions. Sellwood is a bit far to travel for a cart, but it might be worth a look when Saburo’s is packed.

Another new food place in Portland (this is mainly for my buddy Ethan, who I know loves a good burger); Foster Burger (5339 SE Foster Road) is a partnership between various Portland food stars including Andy Ricker, the brain behind Pok Pok. Check out the menu here. The food is supposed to be amazing. Check it out, let me know.

The Wall Street Journal’s pictures of 2009, arranged by topic. Some pretty amazing pics in here that don’t focuse solely on Wall Street’s implosion.

This story is pretty awesome: the CIA is working with environmental scientists to pour over satellite images taken by CIA satellites in order to study ice flows and other ecological systems. Super random, very cool of the CIA and the Obama administration (Bush put a stop to it during his tenure).

And finally, as discovered by Ryan over at RypeArts, a website that documents coffee art. I’m finding that the more I look at this site the more upset I get when the local barista doesn’t provide me a symmetrical flower in my latte. Get your stuff together man!


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