TWW Daily Feed for December 31st

I’m in Vail this morning to hike up Vail Mountain and get in some early morning reads before we head up to Aspen for New Years. Not a bad weekend in Colorado. Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend. We’ll see you on Monday. The Feed:

Outside Magazine’s list of the top 10 Adventure Stories of the Decade, which basically boils down to some interesting events that have occurred in the last two years. Outside’s editors are really burning the midnight oil coming up with these little gems. The Ben Stiller adoption of the Livestrong campaign is one of your top adventure stories? Fail.

The lovely Ms. Heidi Swanson has one last recipe up for you, a Bittersweet Chocolate Tart that looks delicious and filled with her usual organic ingredients. I know that I’ve moved on to Lindsey Vonn and Gretchen Bleiler, but Heidi still has a special little place in my heart.

We’re going to stick with the theme of Top 10 lists and throw Bicycling Magazine’s list of 10 Resolutions for a better cycling year. Thanks guys. Going easy more often is now my number one training approach. Bring on the Twinkies.

New Year celebrations almost always end up with people coming back to their crashpads drunk and in need of munchies. The Portland food cart scene has you covered; a list of their locations and specials for tonight.

A look at how to face down fear when it presents itself, and other tips for surviving stressful situations (basically; have more sex). This will be good for tonight with the three hundred pound chick at the bar decides that her 14th shot of Tequila has turned her into Jessica Biel and she wants to make you her Justin Timberlake. Fee Fi Fo Fum!!!

A history of beer in the West. Fun reading to get you ready for tonights intake.


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