TWW Daily Feed for December 30th

Heading back to Colorado today after a cold and food filled Milwaukee visit, capped off by a great meal at Alem, an Ethiopian restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. I woke up with plans to go running before my flight but that was quickly forgotten about when I stepped into the below freezing morning and my testicles started yelling at me. The Feed:

There is a lot of news about the attempted terrorist attack this week, with Obama and the screening agencies taking a beating about how this whole thing was handled. I thought that this graph, documenting the various statistics associated with a terrorist attack, could calm a bit of the hysteria. Get your sh*t together people!

Apparently this week was the crowning of the wildlife photo of the year winner and because this world is apparently so controversial, anger erupted over the winning photo. Bummer, but a clever fake if it’s true. Once you’re a bit jaded, check out the actual (real) pictures.

A great roundup of Portland area “bottle shops.” Bottle shops are basically specialized beer stores, so they usually carry a much wider selection and a substantial bit of knowledge about beer. Not that buying from the semi-functioning person at the grocery store isn’t mind expanding, but sometimes you don’t like drool on your bottles.

I realize that there are a lot of good football associated activities happening on New Year’s Day, but so is the NHL Winter Classic. This year’s venue is Fenway Park, and this is the guy that fit an ice rink into a baseball stadium.

And to end the morning on an awesome note, head over here to check out the trailer for Hit Girl, part of the KickAss movie trailers. Frankly, this movie looks awesome and Nic Cage actually has me excited to watch him again (warning: the trailer is unsafe for work, both in visuals and in sound).


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