TWW Daily Feed for December 29th

I’ve been in Wisconsin for a few days and as usual I have adopted the typical Wisco diet which mostly consists of cheese, a lot of alcohol, a lot of fried food, more cheese and more alcohol. And as usual I feel pretty bloated and out of shape, and that is only from being here three days. This is the magic of Wisconsin; it lures you in with its welcoming people and hearty food, trying to convert you to their kind so that it becomes harder to leave. Trying to fight the transformation by exercising here involves either going to the gym or running, and when only .00005% of the population runs the city of Milwaukee doesn’t feel very inclined to clear the running paths, turning a nice afternoon jog into a car dodging action movie. That leaves the gym, which for the most part is a good break from running and hiking, until you’ve been there three days in a row and you feel like everyone there is wondering why the dude with tights on keeps trying to do interval work around a track that’s only 1/20th of a mile. I love it here. The Feed:

Bicycling Magazine’s roundup of the most impressive cycling events of 2009, with the usual Lance/Contador references but a couple of good surprises that are worth checking out. I’m getting excited for the 2010 season. Spandex are at the ready.

I almost posted this yesterday but then stopped because something about watching crashes makes me not want to participate in whatever activity I’m witnessing the worst of. But everyone else is throwing it up like it’s awesome, so I’m going to jump on board that train and provide you the link to the Top 10 Worst Crashes of All Time. I’m sorry.

New Portland food cart: Big-A** (the stars are theirs) Sandwiches, located at SW 3rd and Ash Street. After bitching about Wisconsin food above I’m going to go out on a limb and say this cart probably isn’t too good for your waistline. But unlike Wisconsin, Portland’s population is generally healthy and fit, so by all means inhale one of these suckers.

A really great article from Steve Carisimo’s Adventure Life site about the benefits to leaving ski runs in as natural a state as possible, instead of clearing them with a bulldozer. The thinking with using a bulldozer to clear the runs was that it would allow the snow to remain packed on the mountain longer, but a study out of UC Davis is showing it only extends the ski season for a week, and is more costly to do than simply hand clearing. Big picture: stop F*cking bulldozing!!

Bad news for the Winter Park Ski Train which is now bogged down in legal wrangling between various groups and has yet to make a trip to the resort. I love the concept of this train and I’m a firm believer that I-70 needs a high speed rail line, but watching this little debacle makes me wonder if the public will ever support an expanded rail system. C’mon you bitches, get it together!

A great picture gallery of the smartest cities (minimum size of 1 million) in the country, as determined by some weird statistical formula created by the writers at the Daily Beast. They looked at the number of undergraduate degrees, the amount of non-fiction books sales, and so on. Portland, Denver, and Seattle are all near the top. More than anything it’s a good picture gallery of some city skylines.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was trying to compile a list of New Year’s Eve events in various cities. Unfortunately, and sadly for those cities, they have nothing like Portland Food and Drink as far as restaurant coverage, so alas, no go on that project. How do you expect me to poach your work when you don’t put it out there people?

Slowly working our way through the week until another long weekend. Hope everyone is enjoying the day. Ciao!


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  1. Brook

    Jefe-I think that the peeps at the gym are looking at you more b/c you are in tights and less b/c you are doing an interval work out on a small track. Just saying.

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