TWW Daily Feed for December 28th

Welcome back everyone! Hope the holiday weekend was full of fun, food and cool new gear. We’re back for a short week here as we are heading up to Aspen on Thursday for the New Year. The weekend saw a couple of crazy events including the Amsterdam to Detroit bomber (which was broadcast on all of the in-flight TVs of later flights, promptly terrifying everyone. Kudos airlines for keeping the hysteria under control), the opening of the new Sherlock Holmes movie which was a bit lackluster, Charlie Sheen getting arrested in Aspen for choking his wife and, of course, the celebration of the birthday of baby Jesus. All a good warm up for this upcoming weekend’s New Year festivities. You excited? I’m excited. Let’s do this!! The Feed:

This is kind of a fun look at cycling from a writer who has no desire to ever jump into the cycling culture. It’s good for reminding us how silly we look in our spandex, shaved legs and shiny bikes to people who enjoy Doritos and beer more than energy gels and good shaving cream.

I’m always kind of weary whenever I spot a celebrity advocating a cause. For instance, Bono. For some reason I just can’t take seriously the sunglassed midget advocating for third world poverty relief. Take off the damn sunglasses!! Another one; Jenny McCarthy, who advocates for alternative, non-medicinal, approaches to autism and other diseases. Okay, great cause if you believe in it, but do we need the woman who is known for farting on national TV and taking off her clothes advocating for this? This is the best spokesperson you can get? It’s just hard to get past the face to see the cause. Here is a good slideshow of celebrity environmental advocates, and how they’ve managed to do damage to an otherwise great cause by simply being themselves (ie; morons). Thanks Madonna, your song is doing a lot to help the environment, along with your bottled water bill. Also, I can now rest in peace knowing that stealing a child from Malawi is legal.

Portland Food and Drink has it’s annual New Years Eve restaurant specials posted. This is a great resource for anyone wishing to start the New Year with a great dinner. I’m in the process of finding specials for Aspen, Boulder/Denver, Seattle and whatever other cities I can find, and should have them up in tomorrow’s edition, so check back.

This one is for the rock climbers out there (especially those who need jobs): wind turbine and solar companies are in need of installers, preferably ones with rope skills. A good way to combine love of the environment with love of climbing. Check out the NYT’s article about it here, which contains some good companies that are looking for help.

The Seattle Food Geek has been kind of MIA lately, but when he does pop up he usually has something great to talk about. His latest recipe post, for sweet sausage lasagna, looks like a fantastic, and relatively easy, winter dish. Good stuff.

And to get everyone in Aspen excited about being in Aspen, here is a great shot from our friend Max of an Aspen sunset, from the top of the gondola on Aspen mountain. Colorado sunsets are hard to beat, especially when their closing the day on fields full of snow.

Now that we’ve built up how great Aspen is we’re going to direct you to a piece from the Denver Post about a new reality show about Aspen, called Secrets of Aspen. I somehow missed that this was happening until right before its debut (on January 3rd) so I’m still processing. The Aspen I know is home to a ton of great people who love the small town vibe and the outdoors. This show is depicting the lives of people who like Aspen because of the cachet of its name and the money that permeates it. It’s a bummer that the great parts of Aspen are going to be ignored in order to depict the town as a playground for the rich and obnoxious. I’m sure this show is going to make Aspen hard to stomach, but in the end these heinous chicks are going to flee for warmer climates or exotic treatment facilities for booze, drugs and venereal diseases, leaving the town more or less to the people that deserve it. Below is the trailer for the show, which is mostly filled with women screaming at each other. Has anyone ever encountered any of these people? I’d be interested to know what they are really like.

Secrets of Aspen Trailer

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week. Catch you tomorrow.


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