TWW Daily Feed for December 23rd

I’ve noticed that in the last few days the internet world has been rather slow. Not a lot of people posting on Twitter, not a lot of crazy news items floating around (except for the Brittney Murphy thing which is definitely crazy) and not too many things going on in the outdoor news world. I’m going to get crazy here and call it the result of the holidays. No, no, I realize that my deductive skills are top notch, you don’t have to clap. Today is also a crazy travel day for a lot of people so if you are heading into the skies to reach far flung destinations here’s to hoping you have a smooth flight with minimal sliding off the runway incidents. We’re going to call today our Friday in observance of Christmas Eve and Christmas, so have a great holiday and enjoy the friends, family and food coming your way. We’ll see you on Monday. The Feed:

The Leadville Trail 100 is open for registration (this is the running Leadville race, the mountain back registration hasn’t popped up yet. I think). This race is crazy and I do not even want to come close to contemplating competing in it. However, bottoms up to the badasses that do. In case you’re wondering what it’s like, check out Ted Mahon’s Stuck in the Rockies site for an account of his wife’s Leadville run (great pictures too). Owwwwwwww.

The NYT’s has decided that the Jersey Shore, in all of it’s slutty and meathead glory, needs a companion glossary. Because you’ve always wanted to know what Pauly D’s haircut is actually called, and the proper application of cologne, Jersey Shore style. And just in case you think these kids don’t suffer for their art, check out this video that documents their preparation for the show.

Check out this cool sampling of pop culture TV shows turned into minimalist book cover art. I have to say the MacGyver one is my favorite. I loved that guy growing up. The Wire’s is pretty good too.

Have a great Christmas everyone! We’ll see you Monday for another abbreviated week. Happy Holiday!


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