TWW Daily Feed for December 22nd

I’m heading out to Milwaukee on Friday for another Christmas in one of the coldest places in the country. Packing the thermal spandex, gloves and hat to survive a couple of runs in which my snot turns solid before it hits the ground. I’m stoked. Think warm thoughts for me. The Feed:

Goose is one fowl that I have never eaten, but this guide to cooking Goose makes it look more appetizing than I thought. Not sure I’m ready to make it part of my diet, but it’s on the radar. Where does one actually get a Goose?

A great article on the food cart scene in Portland, from a business perspective; the various costs associated with the carts, reactions by restaurant owners and so on. Good read before lunch.

The ever growing Google is reportedly in negotiations to purchase Yelp, the online review site. I use Yelp all of the time so perhaps a Google backed venture can only do bigger and better things. My question is this; will Google start dumping ads onto my gmail account based on my Yelp searches? I’m going to get annoyed if my search for “massage” turns into ads for Viagra and strip clubs.

Outside’s latest issue features a list of “Adventure Altruism All-Stars” that have combined their passion for the outdoors with some truly great programs to help various environmental causes and people in need. Each one has a pretty cool story so check them out, get inspired, and then click back over to the soft core porn site your company doesn’t block yet.

A look at how to avoid injuries on the ski slopes. Bottom line; the better equipment you have and the more control you exert over it = less injuries.

Last week I posted a Vail iPhone app that provides GPS mapping and various other features to make your stay on the mountain more navigable. Thanks to a reader for pointing me toward the Accuterra app for Aspen, which can be found here (the link asks you to open iTunes).

Kind of an interesting look at Vegas hotel room demand as compared to actual room inventory along with growth in Strip revenue. Vegas baby!!

And finally, a great video of Colorado’s Crystal Gorge, taken by some kayakers experimenting with camera techniques for the upcoming kayak film WildWater. Pretty cool, but turn the sound down, the commentary is pretty bad. Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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