TWW Daily Feed for December 17th

I’m in Denver for a couple of days for work and to traipse around the city a little bit. Last night we were in desperate need of same late night food so we check out the Lohi Steak Bar in the Highlands Park area of Denver (3200 Tejon). It was very cozy and fun, with a lot of great food and drink specials and one of the cooler bar set ups I’ve seen in a while; arranged in a way to make getting to know your neighbors a lot easier. The food was great too. I had a Gulf shrimp Po’ boy and the Girl had an open faced steak sandwhich. The night was made even better by our waitress who was super competent, great with suggestions and one of the most attractive people I’ve seen in a while (the Girl agrees). She wasn’t a 10 foot tall blue chick with a bow and arrow, but not bad at all. The Feed:

The snow storms have momentarily stopped in the mountains, and with the influx of the European skier crowd and their obnoxious, smoking on the lift and throwing their butts off ways, now is a good time to pursue other activities in Colorado. However, the snow will be back, the Euros will depart and the shredding will again commence. Here is a little picture gallery from The Adventure Life to get you excited.

I’m excited about the X-Games this year (and one of the two new events starting up this year) but can we please petition to do away with the snowmobile associated events? They are loud, dump a ton of pollutants into the air and basically have little to do with enjoying the mountains in a minimalistic way. F*ck the snowmobiles.

The route for the Vuelta a España is up with a few changes for the 65th edition; a night stage and a change of color for the leader’s jersey. This year’s route favors climbers, so look for Valverde to do some damage there if he rides it this year. Map here.

And….that’s all I have for you today. Kind of a slow week and now that Nat Geo Adventure has died I’m in need of another outdoor oriented magazine to peruse for items. We’re hitting a couple of places in Denver this week so hopefully I’ll be able to post about those. Hope everyone is having a great day!


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