TWW Daily Feed for December 15th

Gorgeous morning on the Front Range right now. This is my favorite weather pattern in Colorado: nice and sunny below while its dumping snow up in the mountains. I was in Vail this last weekend and while I love the town and all of the outdoor recreation it has to offer, I really could use a lot less of the influx of douchebaggery that always descends during the ski season. The town really turns into something different after Thanksgiving, morphing from a laid back mountain town into a place where wearing sunglasses and giant fur boots and coats to the bars is, for some reason, considered cool.  No. It is not cool. You look like a cartoon character. The Feed:

A map detailing what will happen with a rise of 4 degrees celsius of the earth’s temperature. Pretty crazy.

This article about Kaiser’s approach to health care and the steps they’ve taken to improve the patient experience is incredibly interesting (I promise it is). A good look at how paying attention to patients and smart design can go a long way to improving people’s overall health while simultaneously decreasing the company’s environmental impact. Poppa likey.

Last week I posted about Bradley Wiggins leaving Garmin for the new British pro team Sky Racing. Turns out his departure was much more tumultuous then first indicated, with some not so flattering comments about Team Sky and Wiggin’s behavior popping up around the internet. Here is a good article detailing a bit of the rift between Wiggins and Garmin. Interesting reading.

Contador is making nice with Lance. Possibly because Lance’s team will dominate the peloton and Contador will need his help to stay within striking distance of the podium.

A random top 10 list of winter coats. Some of these are pretty cool (I like the Burton hoody if you are in the market for my Christmas present). I have the feeling that with the end of the year the internet is going to be bombarded by “Top 10 lists.” I’m going to try and steer clear. Unless its the Top 10 Women of Snowboarding. In that case I’ll check them out with my girlfriend Gretchen.

Colorado’s southern mountains have been getting slammed with snow. This power day report is not making my current residence choice as appealing as it was this summer.

Sorry for the slow start to the week. Getting back into the groove after a busy weekend. Hope everyone is having a great day and we’ll see you tomorrow!


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