TWW Daily Feed for December 11th

I stayed up last night to watch MTV’s Jersey Shore (please, judge me). I couldn’t help it. It was on, I was bored, I had a beer or two in me and it just happened, ok? But I’m so glad it did because the Jersey Shore has managed to pump out some of the best characters and quotes on a reality TV in years and it put me in a great mood (as in: Thank God I am not one of those people). I cannot even come close to doing it justice here, so check it out. If anything it’s a great glimpse into a vacation destination that you never ever want your twenty year old daughter to go near. Otherwise, Happy Friday! This week for some reason was inordinately long. Maybe the cold weather, maybe the lead up to the holidays. Whatever it was, it’s over and the weather is finally warming up. Back to the outdoors! The Feed:

Need ideas for the perfect weekend adventure? Me too. Thankfully Men’s Journal has some good ideas that don’t cost a ton of money (why did you go out of business National Geographic Adventure?) and feature some great regional events.

In an effort to raise money for the late Shane McConkey, K2 has designed some skis with Shane oriented graphics. They look awesome and you can’t go wrong with K2s AND a good cause.

An interesting price break down for Everest expeditions. I’ve always wanted the challenge, but with this much money I could buy a lot of cool gear. And the risk of dying is lower. I’m guessing with an Everest climb you don’t want to go with the bargain guide group.

The Livestrong site has some cool Livestrong themed cycling gear and clothes up that are good holiday pickups, and support a good cause. Don’t see anything you like? Head over to Stillerstrong and pick up the headband. It’s a season for giving!

I posted this article on Twitter yesterday but it’s worth repeating here. A couple of studies are showing that heart rate levels during exercise are lower in the morning and higher in the late afternoons, indicating that it might be a more beneficial workout if you do it after work. Interesting. I like the segment from the marathon runner whose coach insisted that early morning workouts are better because you have “more fluid in your spine”, therefore providing more cushioning. This is why folksy coaching advice scares me.

A quick plug: get a Twitter account. I know that it sounds like another dorky social networking thing, but it’s really not. It is a fantastic way to get news from various figures in the sports, media, political and business worlds. You don’t have to post anything, just poke around and follow people. Some of our favorites: David de Rothschild, Outside Magazine, Bill Simmons, Lance Armstrong, and, of course, This Way West.

The best Facebook status update ever:

And finally, check out this video about David de Rothschild’s Plastiki Project. This dude is a crazy bastard. Literally, I think he is one of the most unhinged people in the outdoor world. But whatever, works for him and hopefully gets things done. Congrats on the launch you strange, strange man.

Have a good weekend everybody! We’ll see you on Monday.


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