TWW Daily Feed for December 9th

I recently had a brief foray working in the corporate restaurant scene. I was looking to pick up another bartending gig and I made the rash decision to call in a favor and get a job working in a brewery/restaurant in Denver. Having never worked in a corporate  environment I was definitely caught off guard by the focus on quick turnover, ridiculously scripted table side presentations and the abject loathing that I felt every time one of the managers quizzed me on my “5 Principles of Service.” Like a true gentlemen, I resolved the situation by not showing up for my last training shift. Classy stuff. But here is why I don’t feel bad: instead of driving to Denver to hate my life for about 5 hours, I went for a great swimming lesson at the CU Rec Center. Totally worth it. The Feed:

A friend of mine in Portland pointed out this clothing company to me the other day, and from poking around on it a bit I’m pretty sold. The clothes seem to have the rare combination of being super functional on a bike but cool enough to wear around town. Poppa likey. Check out Showers Pass online.

Yesterday I posted a link to Team Radioshack’s new team uniform, and then contemplated the universal mystery of how Radioshack is still in business. Apparently, even Radioshack’s CEO is boggled by this.

If you’re on the look out for new running shoes, here is a good roundup of some more “minimal” styles from Men’s Journal.

Magic Beans! What a cool name for a food cart. I’m excited about this one. Looks like it serves of Greek style food (hummus, falafels, etc). It’s located in the Mississippi Marketplace cart area which frankly sounds amazing. I’m getting stoked for my next Portland strike (N Mississippi at Skidmore in Mississippi Marketplace).

The Gear Junkie has a good peek into the hipster’s newest form of hip transportation around their hip neighborhoods. This thing, albeit cool, is quickly going to drive me nuts if I see tight jeaned, library glasses wearing baristas rocking it.

Honestly, apart from the above experience, the restaurant industry fascinates me. An item of particular note is Portland’s Western Culinary Institute on the receiving end of a class action law suit. I like the Food Dude’s solution to gaining kitchen experience without a degree from one of these places (basically; work for free, learn some skills, network).

In case you were wondering what to eat before bed while in training mode, Outside has a helpful little blurp for you about what should be in your dinner.

I’m missing the sun and the ability to go outside without parts of my body freezing. This video, from the Adventure Life site (I love this site), warmed up my weary bones. Hope everyone is having a great day!

Indian Creek from sinuhe xavier on Vimeo.


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