TWW Daily Feed for December 8th

Alright Colorado, I’m pissed. You’ve thrown 100 degree summers, giant forest fires, barren winters and an influx of Californians at me and I did not buckle. You passed Amendment 2 (assholes), you let Focus on the Family and New Life thrive here, you thought that a slumlord’s tax bill that hampers higher education funding would be a great idea, and yet, I came back to you like a long lost love looking to make things right. But now? 1 degree outside? 1 f’ing degree!!?? I have to run laps before I even put clothes on, just to stay warm enough to make it to my car. This is not acceptable Colorado. I’m putting you on notice. Ton Ton is not a happy camper. The Feed:

Lance, via Twitter of course, unveiled the new Team Radioshack jersey yesterday. I like the red, but the weird faux metal thing on the shoulders looks dumb. And can someone please, please tell me how Radioshack still exists as a business? Seriously. Has anyone been inside of one? What do they even sell now? I’m so confused by this whole thing. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone reading about Team Enron and the cyclists from the Lehman Brothers developmental squad.

This is retarded. A shoe that provides a workout simply by walking. Awesome. Thanks for reaching the bottom first Reebok. No kids, we don’t need to go hiking today, just strap on these puppies and take a walk, poppa’s tired and needs to strap on the ab twitcher machine while he watches football.

This website juxtaposes before and after pictures of cities together so you can see just how awesome the power of real estate development, war and nuclear bombs can be. The Vegas and Dubai ones are really crazy. Good job world populations; you’re really crushing nature, natural landscapes and each other out there.

Probably a bit of a biased impression (it’s written by one of the former owners) of the new incarnation of Portland’s Genoa restaurant, but worth the read in case you are considering heading over there to check it out (2832 SE Belmont St Portland, OR).

I thought this story was funny: a woman riding at Keystone got caught using a man’s pass, and this is what she claimed. Really? That is the first thing you thought of? Not “I’m sorry, I borrowed his coat today.” Or “dammit, I must have grabbed the wrong one this morning.” Or, I don’t know, ANY excuse that couldn’t actually be verified by a phone call (or the sound of your voice). Great composure under pressure. Please do not breed.

I’m always torn about riding at Vail. I hear and see all of the overdeveloped, sketchy, heavy handed things that the company does, but at the same time it possesses some of the best terrain I’ve ever been on, and it’s not like they’re going away. Anyhow, if I ever get to the point of adding advertising to this site I think Vail ads might be ones to avoid.

Supposedly Lance doesn’t like the Garmin squad too much, and has even poached a couple of riders from their developmental squads. The trend continues. How do you say no to Lance? I swear, I would try to buck biology if he wanted me to have his baby.

Happy Tuesday everybody! I hope the temperature rises above the “I can’t feel my face” zone for you today.


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