TWW Daily Feed for December 7th

The whole weekend was frigid in Colorado and lo and behold, so is today. These days make me want to play videogames and drink a lot of eggnog. Hope everyone is enjoying a (hopefully) warmer Monday morning. The Feed:

A good essay from Steve Nash about how he adopted a sugar free lifestyle and how it has changed his training and energy levels. Cool stuff. I have no hope of weaning myself off the magic white powder. I’m addicted man!!! Give me another cookie!!

And while I’m on a sugar kick, check out the Seattle Food Geek’s recipe for Chorizo Caramel Confit. This thing looks amazing. I’m adding it to whatever platter I bring to the holiday parties this year.

The 2006 Tour de France Champion has reached the end of the road as a professional rider, paving the way for a comeback tour in three years.

Burton and U.S. Snowboarding have unveiled the uniforms for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I’m digging the plaid jacket. I love how snowboarding as an Olympic sport is being represented by clothes that look like they’ve been around the block a few times. Really going after the youth audience, aren’t you guys?

Having lived in the epicenter of Hipsterdom and realizing that they are slowly infiltrating most of my favorite cities, this chart provides a great look at the history of the hipster, allowing me to better understand my enemy on the fixies.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend Ben Stiller launched Stillerstrong, a fundraising effort to raise money to build a school in Haiti. Good cause, odd marketing. Stiller has adopted the colors and branding of Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation. And Lance has responded. My guess is that its a fun way to increase awareness for both groups, but I’m never sure with Lance. He has that “I’m going to destroy you” look in his eyes a lot of the time.

This is kind of a bummer. Lovely Hula Hands is one of the coolest/best restaurants in Portland, and one that I visited far too few times. On the bright side, they are opening a wood fired pizza restaurant next door that will be called Lovely Fifty-Fifty. I’ll throw up some more once I know the details. And in the meantime, go eat at Lovely Hula Hands!! It’s a great restaurant and a great place to bring a date and check out what Portland restaurants are all about.



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2 responses to “TWW Daily Feed for December 7th

  1. Brook

    I can’t believe that Lovely Hula-Hands is closing-that was our fav restaurant in PDX. We went there the night we got engaged and took all of our out-of-town friends there for the foodie experience. I wish I could go one last time…

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