TWW Daily Feed for December 4th

The first three text messages I sent from my phone yesterday morning:

6:00am: “Holly, it’s negative 15 degrees out. Are you sure about this?”

6:12am: “I can’t feel my face, is this a good idea?”

6:21am: “Holly, my balls have retreated back into my body. I think this is a bad idea.”

Combine freezing cold temperatures, snowy trails and a 6:30am meeting time for a 9 mile run and you get me at my bitchiest best. I’m sure when our friend Holly suggested the run, along South Boulder Creek, earlier in the week she was counting on warmer weather and pleasant company. Instead she got someone literally screaming for the first 30 minutes about the weather. I realize that I am the Ton Ton of our group, but this Ton Ton does not do well in the Hoth weather. The Feed:

First, some bad news. National Geographic Adventure is ending its run as a print magazine. I thought the pictures and some of the features were truly great, but like with a lot of these magazines the focus on trips that quickly run into the thousands of dollars has got to be a bit of a turn off for regular readers. Regardless, a good magazine that is definitely going to be missed. Steve Casimiro, NatGeoAdventure’s West Coast editor, has a good piece up about the demise of the magazine. And Oustide has a good farewell post here. Definitely a bit of a bummer.

The People’s Pig, a new food cart in Portland, is up and running. Check out Food Carts Portland’s review here, and head down to SW 2nd and Oak (on Oak, between 2nd and 3rd) to check it out. Let me know how it is.

A video review of the Trek Madone 6.5 for your viewing pleasure. This is the model of bike that Lance won all of his Tours on.

Ironic considering we spent yesterday morning trying to survive our run without dying of hypothermia: a new training method advocates hot/cold “contrast” showers to improve recovery times and performance levels. The last thing I want after a workout is for my body to alternately freeze/be reheated.

My Portland friend Ethan sent me a few links yesterday to new food joints in Portland that look like they’re worth a look. Kolache Klatch (3001 SE Belmont St.), in the Belmont neighborhood in Portland’s southeast, specializes in kolach: doughy buns stuffed with various fillings (like a croissant or crepe, but doughier). Good for the morning after a heavy drinking night.

The one I’m most excited about is the new Olympic Provisions (107 SE Washington Street) meatery in Portland’s rapidly improving southeast industrial area. Run by the same folks that operate downtown Portland’s Clyde Common, the new joint is described as a “charcuterie, wine and food spot.” A charcuterie is a store that sells meats, and that is what Olympic is – Portland’s newest homage to cured meats. Along with lunch Olympic is planning on hosting butchery and meat curing classes. A great, unique, new anchor in the industrial area. Meat me!!

With Colorado at about -20 these days I’m guessing that the epic snow days in the mountains aren’t far behind. To brush up your avalanche safety awareness check out this post and possibly check out a class or two.

Another really good reason to stay physically active and to encourage kids to by physically active: exercise makes you smarter. Good motivation for kids that don’t read good.

And finally, from our good friend Casey, a lovely picture gallery of the 2010 US Winter Olympic athletes, starring my fiancee Lindsey Vonn. You go girl.

Sorry about yesterday, I’m trying to work out a new job schedule and got caught running around Denver yesterday and didn’t’ get a chance to put up the Feed. Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a fantastical weekend.


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