TWW Daily Feed for December 2nd

This morning I’m recovering from a long night bartending, one which involved cutting somebody off and then getting yelled at  by his friend who helpfully explained to me that “we’re locals, you shouldn’t do that, you don’t understand.” The “I’m a local” line is my favorite when I cut someone off. Never once has a true local actually dropped that line on me. The people that do it are the ones that have been in town for about five years, have integrated themselves into the bar scene and throw around their “local” status to impress tourists. This “local” was particularly feisty, also throwing out the “I know the owners of this bar!” line. Really dude? You’re a local AND you know the owners? I should definitely serve your friend who can’t even stand up straight. Thanks for setting me straight buddy.

Fuck that guy, the good news: snow on the ground in Manitou! Hopefully the mountains are getting hit pretty hard right now, it has been pretty dry for the last couple of weeks here which is great for my shirtless running expeditions, but bad for the winter riding season. I’m patiently stalking the weather reports to pick my day of battle up there. Until then, the Feed:

If you have the time (it’s a long one) check out this article about the US Interior Secretary (and Colorado native) Ken Salazar, and his efforts to reverse some of the environmental policies of the Bush/Cheney years. Very interesting and a good reason to get pissed at the prior administration.

You know how great a woman looks in the right pair of tight jeans? Ever sit around and think to yourself “I just really want a pair of pants that makes my ass look fantastic?” Me too man, me too. Check out Bonobos, a new online apparel store that sells pants that are cut specifically for more athletic frames (ie; small waists, big legs and butts. Jackpot!). The NYTs has a good write up about them.

Yesterday I threw up a post about how stretching is overrated. Today I have one about how massages are a necessity. I’m fully on board with this one and I’ll take volunteers for my self diagnosed need for at least three massages a week. Attractive older women please apply. Craig, please do not.

The Food Carts Portland chick has a new review up for Wy’east Pizza (3131 SE 50th) that looks amazing. She throws up a lot of cart reviews during the week so make sure to check out the site frequently. I’m passing this one along because you can never go wrong with another good pizza place in town.

I was doing a bit of research last night about coffee shops in Denver and I stumbled across this announcement, about a new coffeehouse called Crema opening up in Denver, north of downtown. I’m stoked. I can loiter in Amante for only so long before the baristas start getting edgy.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday. The downslope for the week starts tonight! Ciao.


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