TWW Daily Feed for December 1st

This is one of the those mornings where I’m running behind already and I’ve only been awake for ten minutes. Forgive me if this one is a little short, I have an appointment this morning that I need to get to. Hope everyone is having a good first day of December. The Feed:

A winter workout program from Chris Carmichael (Lance’s coach) geared toward maintaining your fitness when epic all day rides aren’t an option on the snow covered roads.

Just in time for the holidays, Outside has their 2009 Gift Guide up. Outside’s readership is geared toward upper income folks with money to spend on weekend warrior activities and gear, so be prepared for some of the prices on this sucker. No way I’m taking a $500 vest backcountry riding.

A study looking at whether exercise helps you sleep, or not. I feel like it’s a pretty obvious conclusion, but I suppose the research docs need something to do.

This photo gallery of surfer Maya Gabeira landing the largest wave ever surfed by a woman is pretty cool. Check out the last photo of a beach in Rio. That place looks amazing. Maya, I might consider adding you to my dating roster if Lindsey Vonn gives me the go ahead.

Another photo gallery that is worth checking out, but not because it has to do with athletes or being outside. Check this one out because it is a good reminder that living within your means is a good ideal to strive for, and that people who think that creating gigantic houses indicate some sort of importance in this world really kind of suck.

I don’t know why this is list of beers is the “best” Fall/Winter beers for bicyclists. It’s not like they have extra nutrients or lower amounts of alcohol in them. My guess is that they think that these beers will impress the cowbell waving ‘Cross crowd.

A touch of style for this one: the best coats (for men, sorry ladies) under $500. Good gift ideas for the slightly metro (me) people in your life.

Alright, off to get ready for the day. Hope everyone is enjoying the slow return to work and working off the Thanksgiving LB’s. See you tomorrow.


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