TWW Daily Feed for November 30th

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that the long Thanksgiving weekend treated you well. Mine involved a lot of bonding time with friends, some intense food, drink and exercise action and numerous moments of questioning my masculinity as I ordered yet more spiced pumpkin lattes from Starbucks. The highlights from our holiday week:

1) Doing the Incline at night: very peaceful, great views of the city, numerous scary moments of almost tumbling back down the face.

2) Putting in a 12+ mile run that involved numerous sections of ice and several near trail derailment slips (the loop is fantastic, but I suggest going the opposite for a more intense run).

3) My friends calling my youngest, 6’6″ 250 pound brother “Shrek” and “The Ogre” all weekend “Fe fi fo fum!!”

4) Snowboarding at Breckenridge on Friday. The snow wasn’t that great, but it was awesome to be back on the board.

5) Our good friend Craig venturing beyond his Boulder/Denver bubble to pay a little visit. We marked the date down. Doubtful it will happen again in our lifetimes.

6) The Trinity Brewery Winter Beer Tapping. Great event and fantastic beer. For some inexplicable reason I’m in love with one of the treadlocked bartenders there. Don’t judge me.

7) Casey, while we were out on the town, finding a rose on the floor of the bar and doing a little jig which somehow led to him giving the rose to a woman and striking up a little conversation.

8) Capping the weekend off with a good loop in Red Rocks Canyon, followed up by, what else, a spiced pumpkin latte.

One for the record books boys! The Feed:

I thought this was an interesting article about approaches to opening a microbrewery during a recession, and how the business model is evolving away from trying to ship your beer all over the place. A pretty cool look at brewery startups.

Garmin-Slipstream has acquired a new sponsor; Transitions Optical (the people that make lenses that change tint levels based on the conditions). What happened to Chipotle? I somehow missed that they aren’t one of the big sponsors anymore. Maybe the team managers realized that jamming huge burritos into their riders made for some pretty funky training rides together.

An interesting piece about whether stretching is really necessary. Studies are showing that the most efficient runners are those who have the least amount of flexibility relative to other runners at their level. I love this study for the simple fact that it alleviates my guilt over never stretching.

It’s about freaking time Denver. Finally a light rail to the airport! I swear to God if this doesn’t go through I’m moving to Portland. What’s that? You don’t want to lose me? I know, I know. That was a little harsh. I’m sorry. C’mere baby.

NatGeo Adventure has been running these “best new trips in the world” features, and finally they have some based in America, and the Western part no-less. Check out biking, hiking and kayaking in the Bitterroot Mountains and camping and biking in Colorado’s Hovenweep National Monument near the Four Corners area.

A great article from Adventure Life about why the U.S. Skiing Hall of Fame is out of touch with the sport and its culture. Worth a read.

Alright everyone, off to the wilderness of the working world. Hope everyone is having a great, albeit lethargic, Monday. See you tomorrow.


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