TWW Daily Feed for November 25th

I’m back in Colorado after an epic 8 hour visit to the Milwaukee airport, which, by the way, is very nice and was actually rather comfortable. My flight back was pretty uneventful except for my strategic seat location as the only non-family member of a family of six spread through the entirety of row 21: 2 year old, mom, 4 week old, me, 3 year old, dad, 6 year old. It was awesome, especially at about the 1.5 hour mark when the 2 year old and the 3 year old both had epic meltdowns that resulted in them screaming and slamming their stumpy little legs into the seats in front of them. At least I wasn’t the dude getting whiplashed by a 2 year old. Ahh, the holidays. The Feed:

Getting into your 40’s? Start drinking more orange juice; antioxidants might boost your muscle strength as you age.

Nat Geo Adventure has a “Top New Trips for 2010” feature going on right now, with today’s featuring thru hiking the California Sierra. My favorite part about his little feature is that they describe how awesome doing the trip is, and then let you know that you apparently need to hire the most expensive guide they could find to make it happen. Nothing stokes my adventurous spirit like having to drop almost ten grand on a hike.

I meant to post this yesterday but for some reason the LA Times site was being stubborn. One of their writers took a stroll around some of the Portland food carts and has nothing but nice things to say. In other news; LA reporter boggled by what appeared to be a smogless city center.

The UCI really hates Astana right now. You would think that a bike team sponsored by a shady coalition of government backed oil companies that froze team salaries last year and was banned for the doping issues surrounding the very rider in which team was founded to support would have an easier time getting a Pro Tour license. So weird.

I’m currently obsessed with Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma so forgive me if my posts for the next few weeks focus on food too much, such as this article about the CEO of Syngenta, a company that makes pesticides and other “crop protectors” bitching about the organic food movement. His essential argument: organic farming takes up too much land, pesticides have been proven safe, industrial farming is man’s salvation. What the douchebag fails to mention is that industrial farming ruins land, poisons the water supply, reduces overall food quality, increases the need for fossil fuel consumption and is generally one of the most awful ways on the planet to produce food. I’m not saying that organic farming is much better, but dude, how is dumping tons of pesticides derived from chemicals on to our food and land good for anything?

On a brighter note, this is a much better approach.

Freaking out about Thanksgiving cooking? Fortunately the NYT has a whole section of Thanksgiving how tos, recipes and more for your viewing pleasure.

And last, but not least, just in case you were thinking about going nuts tomorrow, or generally need a food website to keep up your active lifestyle check out This Is Why You’re Wow America. Wow (thanks to our friend Jim for this one, who never met a Smortuary he didn’t like).

We’re going to go ahead and call today our Friday, so enjoy the long weekend everyone and we’ll see you next Monday. Happy Thanksgiving!


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