TWW Daily Feed for November 24th

I forget how everything generally slows down or shuts down during holiday weeks, and this one is no different. The news cycle is pretty slow right now as everyone is either busting ass to get a lot of work done before Thursday or have just taken the whole week off. Whatever the cause, this week is definitely lacking in interesting things going on. The highlight of my week so far? Being stuck in the Milwaukee airport (where I am right now) for the next 8 hours. Why is this? Because I’m dumb and don’t know how to schedule flights. Forgive me if this one is extra long; I have a lot of free time. The Feed:

Lance has organized a new race at his ranch outside of Austin, called the Mellow Johnny’s Classic, a cross-country/mountain bike race. Pretty cool of Lance to not only sponsor this sucker, but host it at his ranch. Check out the results here.

Al Gore is becoming unhinged.

O’Dell’s seasonal has hit the shelves: Isolation Ale. The imagery of an isolated cabin which is surrounded by overwhelming amounts of snow, trapping the people inside and potentially turning them into cannibals who dine on the flesh of children first, old people later, is really making me want a beer right now.

This is a pretty funny flow chart of how to make a fast food eating decision. A similar one for cereal is here (click on them to zoom in). I like how they send people drunk on malt liquor to Dominoes and I love how one of the questions is “are you Marty McFly?” Awesome.

Team RadioShack has its 2010 roster posted; a mix of US and Euro riders (when are the Asians going to break into cycling?) that includes Chris Horner and Levi Leipheimer. I’m excited to watch how they do this season, if only to ascertain how in the world RadioShack makes enough money to sponsor an international cycling team.

This is F’ing ridiculous. Thanks for taking a dump on religious and racial acceptance and Colorado’s image you freaking moron.

Bicycling Magazine’s list of 15 “Best Gifts” for cyclists. I like these little lists BM, but could you please utilize some sort of photography app that doesn’t require that the ENTIRE website reload each time I click ‘next’? And I’ll take the merino hoody. Thanks.

A quick little Vanity Fair talk with Lindsey Vonn, the US alpine skier favored to win numerous golds in Vancouver. She is also incredibly hot and I’m sorry Heidi, but I think that I’m going to have to give me and Lindsey a chance. You just can’t mess with destiny.

That’s it for now. Hope everyone is having a good morning and preparing their stomachs for the onslaught of food on Thursday.


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