TWW Daily Feed for November 23rd

I’m in Milwaukee for a short trip and although I’m not sure I could live here again, visiting is a lot fun and hanging out in downtown Milwaukee is always a good time. My favorite part of yesterday was rolling down to Milwaukee’s East Side for brunch with a friend. While we were parking I noticed two people that really symbolized the city for me. Running by was a woman, obviously in shape and out enjoying a jog in the nice weather. Getting in to the car in front of us was a rumpled guy, who looked like he spent Saturday night drinking, slamming a Pepsi and smoking a cigarette and generally looking like he was off to a rought start for the day. The dichotomy was pretty amusing, and represents what downtown Milwaukee is like: it’s pretty common to see a lot of runners. It’s also pretty common to see good, hardy drinking folk who know how to have a good time. Wisco!! The Feed:

I like eating out a lot but in no way does that make me someone who knows how a restaurant should be run, so I’m at a bit of a loss for how to react to Vadim Ponorovsky’s email to his employees at NYC’s Paradou. On one hand, I can understand his annoyance (which morphs to outright vicious anger later in the email) about his employees not following directions. On the other, he sounds like a dick and I can see how his employees don’t care what he says. I picture him looking like this guy. Either way, a funny tidbit and a good reason to check out other restaurants in New York.

The USATF Mountain Ultra Trail Council (what?) has announced the Runners of the Year. It’s cool to see what some of these runners have accomplished. Also cool to see that so many of them come from Colorado.

Heidi has a new Tempeh Curry recipe up. Recipes like these are great because they can be made in one large pan and have a ton of good vegetables; making them hearty and healthy meals that are easy to put together. I also like this recipe because it really helps me visualize Heidi in only an apron.

A disturbing economist view of domestic violence and potential triggers. Why the hell am I posting this? Because it’s good to be aware, it’s interesting and it involves football (which doesn’t have much to do with the site, but whatever).

On a brighter note, Colorado ski resorts have been taking some major steps to reduce their environmental impact. I realize that skiing is one of the reasons that thousands of cars head into the mountains every weekend (where is the high speed train Colorado?) but at least the resorts are trying to do something to reduce the impact of well to do city-folk.

A funny Venn diagram of the male/female dynamic, from the man’s point of view. I love Venn diagrams. And Null Sets.

That’s it for now. Hope everyone is enjoying the short week and gearing up for an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday.


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