TWW Daily Feed for November 20th

Last night we had a swimming lesson in slow preparation for next summer’s 5430 Sprint Triathlon in Boulder, CO. I haven’t been in the pool since this summer so it was a bit of a jolt to be back in the water again. We had a wonderful instructor that provided some good drills and a quick workout. Apart from feeling like my brain was dying from lack of oxygen I felt okay, until our instructor noticed I was having a hard time popping up to breathe. Her assessment? Apparently I swim much lower in the water than normal; I am, in effect, too dense to swim properly. My Clydesdaleness is going to fight with me on this one. Awesome. The Feed:

A cool little story about Matt Busche, Team Radioshack’s newest rider and a phenom on the bike. I’m throwing this one up her because I’ve been to Wauwatosa, WI (Matt’s hometown) and the fact that anyone athletic, let alone a professional athlete, originated there is one of life’s little miracles (I’m joking ‘Tosa fans. Sort of).

In other cycling news, Alberto Contador finally has a contract. With Astana. Which begs the question: when he whines about his teammates this year, will a juiced up Vinokourov go for the strangle maneuver or a more subtle knife attack?

National Geo Adventure is doing a series on the top Adventurers of the Year, and I thought Diane Van Deren’s story deserved a look for three reasons. One, she is one of the foremost ultrarunners in the world. Two, she competes in the Yukon Arctic Ultra, a 430 mile foot race across the frozen tundra of Canada and three, she had a piece of her brain removed to treat epileptic seizures, which for some reason allows her to run for hours without stopping. Simply put, she is a badass and her story is worth checking out.

I thought this was ironic, considering the Bush White House’s various efforts to torpedo environmental efforts. Whatever brings them in though George.

War is often an irrational and unnecessary pursuit and one that lends little to notions of fairness or even general good behavior, so I’m a bit boggled by how the hell the UN thinks imposing more stringent environmental laws meant to deter warring parties from causing ecological harm is going to have any sort of effect; “Destroying and damaging the natural assets and ecological infrastructure of a country or community should be an issue of highest humanitarian concern.” You know what else should be of the “highest humanitarian concern”? Stopping war, you idiots.

Portland Food and Drink has their annual Thanksgiving roundup posted; a list of restaurants in Portland that are having a Thanksgiving special and what those specials are. I like how each restaurant does their own take on the holiday. Andina‘s special: “Pavo Asado Novoandino” (heritage turkey with quince-huacatay chutney). Country Cat’s: brine, smoked and braised turkey.

This is why we should work out with our dogs after Thanksgiving. Awesome.

And as per usual, the Friday photo gallery, which this week stars Bar Refaeli (in lingerie, and not much else) and for the ladies, in honor of the horrible book series and movie adaptaptions Robert Patterson! (looking mopey, but fully clothed).

Fat dalmatian:


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