TWW Daily Feed for November 19th

Sorry everyone – running pretty behind today as we had a late night and spent most of the morning running and hiking Sanitas here in Boulder, CO. Last night I had one of the better restaurant visits I’ve had in a while. We took a stroll down to Pearl Street and hit up the Happy Noodle House, Japanese bowl kind of place but with one of the most unique bars I’ve ever seen. The bar has the traditional Japanese beer/sake set up but what makes it unique is The Bitter Bar, an area and menu of the restaurant devoted to the old school drink recipes that were popular during the early 1900’s and Prohibition years. Augmented by a vast selection of various alcohols (I spotted at least 6 different types of gin) The Bitter Bar makes the Happy Noodle worth coming back to just to explore the cocktail menu. The food is pretty great too. We’re planning another visit, so look for a review soon. Until then, the Feed:

The winter type storms are upon us in Colorado which has done little to stem my efforts to run and hike outside. I found myself on top of the Incline a few weeks ago in a bit of a whiteout, begging the question: “how the hell do I fashion snow shoes McGyver style in order to get down?” And voila; Outside answers my inquiry.

The Adventure Life guy has a great new post up about Norway as the next great adventure destination. Read the full story here, and make sure to spend time flipping through his photo gallery here. He captures some truly great images that make me want to start saving now for a Norway adventure.

I’m constantly drinking out of plastic water bottles, so this is freaking me out a little bit. I’m pretty sure my prostrate wants to remain its current size.

A good wake up call for drivers, cyclists and the courts; a collection of stories of people who were injured or killed cycling, by drivers that were negligent.

Some cool green initiatives and pursuits that the surfing industry is pursuing in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of producing surf boards. Shred the green wave brah!

Flying produces a ton of CO2 emissions, which presents a dilemma to those who love to travel but try to watch their  impact. Buying carbon offsets for a flight was thought of as a way to reduce the impact of flying, but alas it appears that such altruistic ideals don’t really do anything. Crap.

The Seattle Food Geek has a great post up about food tours in Seattle. Seattle is one my favorite cities, and one that I have yet to explore enough. These tours sound like a fantastic way to get to know the city and the food there, and hopefully to meet like minded people (for all you single peeps out there).

This is pretty interesting. A study is showing that just looking at a picture of a loved one can reduce the physical sensation of pain. I’m trying to think of ways to utilize this to alleviate the pain of a brutal run or ride, but I’m pretty sure my friends and girlfriend would mock me if I had a picture of her mounted in front of my sunglasses.

And finally, two pretty amazing videos that are definitely worth checking out (both are completely safe for work):

The first, from the Adventure Life guy, is actually a Guinness commercial and possibly one of the most cinematic commercials I’ve ever seen. Apparently Guinness has a God complex.

And the second is simply a ridiculous and frightening way to impress ladies: jumping a pier while kite surfing.


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