TWW Daily Feed for November 18th

Hellllooooooo Hump Day!! This hump day is even better than usual because in a week it will actually be like a Friday; the Friday before an epic weekend of eating, drinking and generally being lazy blobs. I could go on, but I’m going to make myself hungry and I need to get a lot done today. Stepping back for a second to yesterday’s Daily Feed, the Bill Belichik “big dumbass, or misunderstand creepy genius” link got a lot of feedback. Put it up in the comments people. Brook has already launched the first “Peyton Manning is a badass” salvo, so feel free to come back at her, or support her position, or whatever. That’s what the comments are for (this lecture is mostly for Craig who for some reason insists on bombarding my email and gchat with commentary. Share it on the site Craig. Make TWW better for everyone man). Anyhow, the Feed:

I don’t know how I found this but a Vail couple is planning to hike Everest as part of their Seven Summit effort. They plan on being the first married couple to complete all seven. This is an epic way to realize you want a divorce. Good luck guys!

For the politically minded out there, this week has been a Sarah Palin bonanza, with her new book coming out, Oprah visits and controversy over how the media is portraying her. How does this relate to us? This photo, from the cover of Newsweek, is being declared “sexist” and Runner’s World, the magazine that actually took the picture is now trying to disown its involvement. Dear Runner’s World: sack up. You are trying to disown this because it’s getting bad press. The picture was for an article about runners, of which she is one. She knew the picture was out there, she knew what she was wearing. The fact that Newsweek may have used it inappropriately is not your fault or problem. Own up, simmer down, and be proud that one of your denziens is a media savvy politician that can spread the word about running. Now go to bed, I tire of you.

Food Carts Portland has a review up of a food cart dedicated solely to soups, called Spoon. I don’t know what borscht is, but it looks delicious. Good stuff for a rainy day.

A good opinion piece about why victims should not be charged for search and rescue efforts. Definitely a hard balance between limited funds and trying not to discourage people to call for help when they need it.

Some new studies are showing how exercise reduces anxiety and stress in the brain. Something to do with how the production of neurotransmitters during exercise mitigates the affects of a stressful experience. Pretty cool.

Floyd Landis is leaving the domestic focused OUCH racing team, in an effort to gain more time in the European stage races that are “his strength.” Brink the whiskey buddy.



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2 responses to “TWW Daily Feed for November 18th

  1. little a

    Marrying on top of mountains, Portland food cart shout-out, blurb on running AND a good reminder that keeping in shape is good for the body and soul–favorite post yet! Especially when I don’t know who Bill Belichik is…

    • jm

      Why thank you, I do what I can. Mr. Belichik is the coach of New England’s professional football team, the New England Patriots, an all around good coach and sketchy dude.

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