TWW Daily Feed for November 17th

Bartending is a gig that makes you a lot of things to a lot of people; entertainer, psychologist, sounding board, drug dealer, drinking buddy and so on. Often I find myself shifting between each role on a nightly basis, requiring me to not only remember drink orders but to keep in mind exactly what happened last week in “Becky’s” and “Jesse’s” and “Tim’s” lives. Of course there is a monetary benefit to filling the role as it is needed, as the customers that perceive you are invested in their lives tend to part with their money easier. And for the most part I enjoy listening to people and what they have going on in their lives. The problem is when the roles shift viciously. What often starts as a innocuous conversation about how their job is going suddenly shifts to a rant about why men don’t ask her out, or why his twenty year marriage ended. That quick alteration; the move from seemingly stable to slightly deranged, is disorienting and forces me to move from fun bartender guy to wary drink manager; counting the number of shots and preparing the obligatory “I think you’ve had too much. Please finish your drink and get out of the bar, you’re making the children cry” speech. Such is the life in a tiny town full of crazies. The Feed:

My dad always tells us that when he hits retirement age he wants to truly embrace the drug culture that he’s had to abstain from since spawning the first of his children; “Load me up kids, I’m serious. I want pot, mushrooms, cocaine and anything else you recommend. I’m going to do retirement right!!” Ummm, okay dad. His enthusiasm has piqued my interest. For a brief moment I had thoughts of hitting 60 and seeing if a combination of HGH and gym time could turn me into a geriatric Mr. Olympus. Sadly, no. Thanks for crushing my dream Dr. Bob. Vegetables and exercise? Lame.

Casey just sent me a truly enlightening article about the Spanish educational system’s efforts to provide sexual education to their students, including instruction in masturbation, or as they phrase it “sexual self-exploration and erotic self-knowledge.” Interesting. More interesting; Casey’s first Google search of the morning: Spain + teenagers + masturbation. Time for a talk buddy.

Here is a good and easy soup recipe for the upcoming Holiday season; Winter Squash and Apple Soup . I love winter squash, and pairing with apples sounds amazing. Thanks man who looks like Santa Claus!

A guide to gluing cyclocross tubulars onto ‘cross rims so that they stay on through the entire race. I’m missing something here about how tubulars in cyclocross are more advantageous, but whatever. Those people are nuts anyway.

I think it’s annoying that Olympic organizers seem to make decisions about what sports to exclude and include without a lot of input from the actual athletes. This is their showcase after all, and their voice should have a bearing on the organizers’ decisions. The latest controversy in the cycling events is the potential removal of the individual pursuit. An open letter in protest.

An interesting chart about the potential economic benefits to legalizing marijuana in the US. Personally, I’m for legalization, but only if the burnouts relegate themselves to some sort of isolated village where I don’t have to hear their ruminations about why the universe is so “epic” and how life is “so interconnected man.”

The Bill Belichick call on Sunday that resulted in the Patriots losing to the Colts has been the number one football topic of discussion this week. Apparently, Belichick actually had some solid data on his side, making that call less of a risk than the football talking heads have made it out to seem. Congrats you creepy bastard, keep up the good work!



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3 responses to “TWW Daily Feed for November 17th

  1. Brook Brisson

    Jefe, I’m shocked to learn that your current profession involves you being a pusherman-good thing you are well versed in the 4th Amendment!

    And just to clarify, the Colts won because Peyton Manning is God and I was wearing my lucky Colts shirt. It will happen again next week too.

    • jm

      I’m not disputing that the Colts won because Manning is such a great quarterback, I’m just saying that people are so quick to come down on what is perceived as a bad call when in reality the numbers demonstrate that the call was in the Patriots favor.

      And really Brook, you should have a Broncos jersey on at all times.

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